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    Is it typical to need to remaster or anything after RES_PCA? My TCP seems off and I'm not sure if it was off before and I just wasn't paying close enough attention or if this fix requires any reteaching or remastering after.

    I'm not sure why that worked but it did. I taped up the visible damage figuring it may be more superficial than previously thought, swapped the teach pendant cable and it all worked like nothing had happened, I'm honestly shocked

    Batteries were freshly changed a month ago. TP cord? I was talking about the cable running to the pulse coder itself, there is visible damage to it. I hadn't considered the TP cable at all but thats an easy swap to try just in case.

    That makes sense, my biggest concern with replacing the cable system is that the maintenance manual says to do so while in zero position and I worry that by changing cables in a different position something unexpected might happen. Might just be paranoia but as much as possible I like to do things by the book so I can more securely anticipate the result.

    Definitely will take into account your advice though, I certainly don't want to make anything worse by forcing a move.

    Not sure if we have that, even if we did this is in an enclosed cell so nothing could get in there to manipulate it. I'll send the idea up the chain just in case I'm wrong, thanks.

    Got a SRVO-068 error, after looking over a few things and doing some investigating it seems that the M1P cable is damaged. As far as I'm aware the only fix for this is to replace the cable dressing throughout the robot. Trouble is that this happened while the arm was extended so it is far from being in the ideal place to replace anything but I can't seem to find a way to move the robot at all.

    Is there anything I am missing? Is there a way to move the robot into a better position for replacing the cable and is there a way to replace it without replacing the entire cable dressing? This is mostly a hail mary, I am expecting that I am probably stuck with having to make the swap with it extended like it is.

    At this point I'm leaving it up to the electrician, I have it narrowed down to four wires, he can deal with the wire spaghetti that they lead into and figure out what's what. I did my part and have a clear issue for him so when he gets here we don't need to waste time on false leads.

    To my knowledge its just wired into the inputs, there are no other sensors or stops or any device set up except the gate but that's a separate input altogether if I'm not mistaken.

    I'll investigate the psu as per your concern but I don't understand how that wouldn't have happened immediately if it is an issue that occurred due to replacing the switch.

    Yes if I reconnect the external e stop then the fault reappears. So there is still an external issue as I had stated. The switch was replaced because it physically broke, there wasn't an error in the past, it was physically damaged.

    Yes, I saw that and my next step was to replace panel board as per action 4 if the panel LED is lit, which it was. Which I had already referenced doing earlier as well before they key switch error appeared. Having now replaced the panel board AND jumpered the EES I am able to bypass the error meaning the problem was both internal AND external.

    There is no other information on the alarm screen, I have checked all connection to key switch, to panel board, from panel board to external buttons, all connections are tight and secure. Switch is almost brand new, just replaced it three weeks ago so I doubt it suddenly died and if it did well then that's a whole other thing to deal with. I highly doubt anything was disrupted when swapping components because the issue did not appear immediately after swapping any components. It has been powered on more than once since all the component swapping I did without the alarm appearing. It has come seemingly out of nowhere.

    Yes, I will be getting an electrician in, getting them here is simply something that takes far longer than id like and so in the mean time I attempt everything within my control to rule out so that when they do arrive I can use their time wisely.

    I always have the pendant in a triple screen format and have the ALARM screen visible. There was only ever the one error and nothing else. Until now, went out to turn it on one more time before trying to swap panel boards and now there is also SYST-037 Key Switch Broken

    I did include the full error message. The full error message is SRVO-007 External Emergency Stops

    No Door switches, I have turned the machines on with doors open in the past to make sure certain fans were running. Might be worth my time to swap the panel board while waiting on an electrician just to rule that out, I have the time.

    yes, the first thing i did is to hit every emergency stop button individually, reset them and check the error. no change

    As far as I am aware the only other safety mechanism we have is a gate sensor to ensure the door is closed and that sends a different message entirely and is functioning properly

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