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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to make a communication between a cobot CRX20iA and a HURON VX8 digital control in Profinet, despite my research on the forum I found nothing. No PLC on this installation.

    Has someone already started a communication between these 2 machines in Profinet or has documentation to do so?

    Thanks in advance


    Good morning to you all,

    I just created an application via Screenmaker (only custom view pages)

    However when I generate the project in the virtual Flexpendant, I do not have the possibility to launch my custom screen pages in the menu, normally at the top left I should have the name of my Screenmaker project but it does not appear.

    I did activate the Flexpendant Interface option but nothing does, do I need to activate another option maybe a missing Add-ins? to know that I have already installed the Flexpendant SDK Add-In

    Thank you in advance


    Hello everyone

    I would like to know how to extract the rotations of a userframe without going through the method of the 3 points but by creating a userframe by search via a probe, I already create a program Karel to create the repository in X, Y and Z but I will need help to extract rotations.

    At the moment I thought about palpating 3 different positions, register them in a Position Register, but how do I deduce different angles W, P and R with 3 Position Register?

    thank you in advance

    Hello guys

    Is it possible to activate a DO output when the robot is on a known point without necessarily using the ref pos?That is, when the @ cursor is displayed on a point and the robot is there, activate an output.

    Warning I do not want to use ref pos because operators are likely to add points.

    Thank you in advance

    I am on a problem on which my robot handles raw carbon disks, the internal diameters are not at all precise and we take them with pliers managed by basic positionners Fanuc, Fanuc offered me the option J611 Servotool which allows to regulate the opening torque, however, I can not configure it properly.

    Following the documentation provided, I set the variables $SV.DETECT.$DET.LIMIT.UPLIM et LOWLIM to the values of torque limit at 14 and -14 (Axis Disturb basic positonners)

    - $SV.DETECT.$TOL : 5% (value by default)

    - $DET_ALGO : 0 (value by default)

    - $Learn 1.

    - T$Trigger and $Detected = 0

    menu Setup Servotool :

    - Groupe Number 2 (and 3 for the other basic)

    - Axis Number : 1 (same thing for the 3)

    - Torque Limit 100% (value by default)

    - Contact Sensitivity 20

    - Contact Tolerance 2

    - Contact Reg Number 0

    - Auto Position Update : YES

    Settings after contact:

    - Offset: 0
    Torque limit : 0

    and here is how I proceeded in my programming.

    !Open Gripper A Right
    PR[GP1,2:95,1:Open_Gripper_A] = R[70:Open_GripA_Final]
    J PR[75:Open_Gripper_A] 100% FINE

    !Check Part in the gripper

    During my first tests I inserted the SERVOTOOL_END instruction just before the WAIT DI but after I moved it after closing the clamp in another program because the OVC alarm appears when the robot is moving with the part of a station to another (axis 1 linear), and not necessarily when the robot opens the clamp, below my clamp closure program

    !Close Gripper A Right
    J [PR99:Closed_Gripper_A] 100% CNT0

    !Check Position
    WAIT DO[46:Gripper R Closed] = ON

    With the instruction SERVOTOOL_END placed as above, the robot did not carry out the closing instruction (PR99) but directly jumped on the WAIT DO 46 automatically and I also tried in T1, This way the option worked as it should?

    But wouldn’t it be better to move the SERVOTOOL_END instruction before closing the clamp because when closing the current disturb varies enormously and exceeds the limits. Did I set the variables correctly? And how will the robot react when the limits are reached without triggering the OVC alarm?

    Thanks you in advance



    I’m going to have to restart a robot at the customer’s in a few weeks, unfortunately there was a big mechanical modification and I can no longer put the robot on these 0’s as I had done during the preparation of the construction site.

    My question is this:
    If I do the 0 robot elsewhere and recast my userframe, will my trajectories be recalibrated normally?

    Thank you in advance

    I started a Profinet network with Safety, the configurations are correct and are well seen by the automaton (Green Light on the PLC), in my exchanges Safe I/o Connect I send back and receive several states (Deadman, Stop external emergency or even the robot, Mode T1 deported) ...

    However, while the configuration appears to be correct, the automaton does not see the Safety exchanges, either what it sends or what it receives. My question is this:

    Should an address start be set in the robot or is this part reserved for the automaton?

    Safe I/O Connect Configuration:
    SSO1 = @SSI1 (SVOFF)
    SSO2 = @SSI2 (Fence Open)
    SSO3 = @SSI3 (External Emergency)
    SSO5 = SSI5 (Male dead at 0, but if I activate the dead man the @ appears)
    SSO6 = @ON (To force T1 mode until Safety exchanges are OK and can move the robot).
    Attached is a photo of the config on the automaton side.

    Config Profisafe:
    Module 1008 (8 bytes as on the screen shot)

    Thank you in advance


    1. Why can you not use PR Offset?
    Because the value additional with the Register is not taken into account

    2. Is the value changing regularly and needs to update on the fly, or can it be a static value?

    The value changing regulary and i need to update to each open-close gripper. If the value is static, i use a local point (J P1 100% Fine)

    Use group masks on your PR to only offset the group of the PR.

    : PR[GP1:5,3]=PR[GP1:5,3]+100 ;

    Not working, and i have a error when i forward on the point with Offset : No Kinematics Error

    Hello, I am currently starting a robot with 2 additional external axes, which manage the openings - clamping of pliers, my problem is this:
    I have to open the clamps in a very precise diameter, however I do not have the ability to use a PR offset to reach the diameter coordinate.

    A solution? Thank you in advance

    Hello everyone

    I am trying to convert a KL.file to a PC from roboguide, but when i hit the Build Button i get this error

    Build Failed: ? ? ? ?-820 $ 4A0F34, no message found
    0x70044 - File a_main.pc

    Please :help: me guys :(

    Thanks you in advance

    Hello, I want to start a Profinet network as soon as possible, we are all aware that we can do it the first time without any difficulty, or it takes time so here we are, this is the first time I will start a Profinet network on Fanuc and I would like to have some information.

    I use a total of 128 input-outputs from DI[1] / DO[1} to 128.

    Configuration GI: DI39 --> DI46

    Rack: 100
    Slot: 1
    Start date: 39
    Length: 8

    Configuration GO: DO37 --> DO44

    Rack: 100
    Slot: 1
    Start : 37
    Length: 8

    Do you think this type of configuration is correct?

    What more do I need to include as information to start a Profinet network? Besides, I saw that I have to write a hexadecimal code in accordance with the automaton, someone can light my lantern?

    Sorry about all the inquiries, this is my first big installation in Profinet and it’s a very big project

    Thank you in advance

    HELLO, exists you he(it) a variable allowing of reset in a automatic way the alarm INTP 105 Run Request Failed? Indeed I worked on an installation or the simple fact of pressing on the dead man allowed to shave automatically this alarm.

    Thank you in advance

    Hello, I am at present on an ABB IRC5, I have one concerns at the level of my signal Servo ON, this one bustles and deactivates without I have in pressed the dead man, he puts itself in 1 and falls again at the end of a few seconds in 0.

    Can he involve a parameter of modifying to avoid this? Nevertheless when I press the died man, Servo ON remain good in 1.

    Thank you in advance.

    All right very well, another question, which type of signal I have to put? Because I do not have the MANUAL mode, there is just man Motor On, Motor OFF who can possibly correspond

    Hello, I shall like sending an information to the automate saying that the robot is in mode manual (T1), is it possible?
    If yes how I can proceed?

    Thank you in advance