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    You are right, I tried a small move this afternoon and it does indeed enable the weave pattern to begin.

    I need to re-configure the 7th axis a tomorrow morning before I can fully test a complete 360 deg weld but I'm sure it is going to work just fine.

    Although I'm not clear what is the reason for setting OV=0% ?


    I am using a KRC2 ED5, Kuka KR16 welding robot to weld flanges onto pipes.

    The pipe is mounted on a rotary table , driven with a kuka sevro motor configured as a 7th axis.

    The arc tech software will happily weld in a mechanical weave pattern whilst the welding torch is moving between two positions , but in this application the 7th axis rotates the pipe and the welding torch stays in one fixed position.

    My question is how to enable the weave patterns in the direction of the rotating weld seam without the torch traveling forwards ?

    I have tried writing a custom weave pattern to include motion for the 7th axis , but that appeared to corrupt the arc tech config and I had to re-install the software :(

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the reply, but alas the internal port socket on the K32 Kuka spec motherboard has not been blessed with a pair of pins for power on/off . The socket is there and has one pin on the top row but no pin on the bottom row to bridge it to ! However the standard D1688 - A31 motherboard DOES have a pair. I am currently waiting for delivery of one to try.



    I have a problem with some of my Kuka KRC2 ED5 robots.

    2 of the controllers won't boot up and show a blank, black screen at start up.

    They have power, (incoming 27v dc.) the PC fans runs, the keyboard led caps lock/number lock leds function and the CD tray opens/retracts. but that it nothing further.

    I've tries F2, F12, ESC & CTRL+ALT+DEL on power up but itthey wont boot up and the Pendants remains black.

    I've replace the VGA card, System ram & CPU. re- seated the heat sinks on the CPU & North Bridge with new thermal past.

    Powered up again and still no joy, finally I removed the whole motherboard, electrically cleaned it, inspected all the capacitors for leaks/bloating and then tested them all individually with a multimeter on either pin to check one side drained to 0v . All good, air dried it for 24 hours and re-fitted everything.

    Powered up and still nothing !

    I have now reached the limits of my ability and knowledge, so I'm hoping someone here has some ideas.

    If the motherboard is beyond help then ........

    Having done some research into Fujitsu D1688 motherboards and it looks like there are plenty of standard issue D1688 - A31 board around for under £50 , but the Kuka spec D1688 -K32 board is typically thousands of pounds !!! . As far as I can tell the only significant difference is the BIOS .

    Has anyone here tried using Fujitsu's " DeskFlash" program to archive a copy the bios from a Kuka spec board to a standard one ?

    So far I can only see there is only one small physical difference, in the absence of a power on pin on the K32 , but I'm ok with pressing a button to start it so , does anyone know any special reason why the a KRC2 Ed5 wouldn't run with a standard motherboard ?

    :help: I've turned on my robot this morning (KRC2) and I am unable to open folds or enable ASCII mode to edit my code in any way!

    Does anyone know what has caused this and how I can fix it?

    EDIT: My bad, wasn't booted in expert user... sorry...

    Thanks for the response. I don't need a system as sophisticated as touch sense.
    My welding kit has a "Piece Search" function allowing it to trigger an output when the welding wire makes contact with the job, this should allow it to identify the correct welding part and load up the matching program.

    The problem is that I don't know how to write this into a working piece of code.

    Hi guys, I'm just learning to use my welding robot.

    I want to know how to use a part search function to locate a welding seam. I can enable part search as a function and I can see the input detect if the welding torch is touching a part.
    The problem is I'm quite new to Kuka programming and don't know how to incorporate this function into a search routine.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks, that's good to know, but I was hoping to build the welding station before the robots arrived, so I don't currently have any manuals !
    I have spoken to Fanuc directly but the were not that forthcoming with info !

    Hi, this is my first experiment with robotic automation...
    I have 2 x second hand Fanuc R2000iA 165R on order, and want to build a robotic pipe welding cell, with 7th axis rotators.
    The head stocks need to rotate between 0.5 rpm and 2 rpm, with a basic positional accuracy of at least 1 Degree.
    The 165R's have drive cards for an extra axis, but what motors should I use to build the headstocks ?
    I can incorporate a gearbox to get the RPM down low if necessary, but can I simply use a general purpose robot axis servo motor for this ?

    Any basic advice would be helpful.