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    The company I work for has 20+ S4C+ controlled robots, 4400, 6400R, 6600, ect... I am working on some reach simulations and The long arm 6400R is not supported any longer. Does anyone know a way to make it move as it should after assigning a TCP? I tried using the 6400R model and creating a VC with the movement of a 6700, but it isn't even close. The oldest version of robotstudio I could find to download was the 2019 version, does anyone have a robotstudio 6.03 zip file?

    Do the ethernet ports light up? Do the lights match with the connection status Windows reports?

    Kind of an off-the-wall guess, here, but maybe try using an ethernet switch in between the robot and the laptop? The older IRC5s, IIRC, did not have "smart" ethernet ports, and needed crossover ethernet cables instead of straight-through cables. However, this should not be a problem, b/c modern laptops all(?) have "smart" ethernet ports that detect this situation and eliminate the need to use a crossover ethernet cable. I suppose there's a small chance that your laptop's auto-negotiation might be having issues.

    I've also heard of someone who had to reduce the speed of their laptop's ethernet socket in order to get a connection to the IRC.

    Yes I do get both the green and yellow lights on the service port status lights. I'll try to round up an ethernet switch and give that a shot. I'm not sure I am following what you mean by reducing the speed of the ethernet port, could you explain?

    I have 2 robots, both older IRC5 controllers with the really old solid metal box computers DSQC 623. when I plug an ethernet cable into the service port my laptop shows a connection for a second then no cable connected. I have tried both robotstudio and filezilla to FTP in, but I am convinced there is something keeping my laptop from actually seeing the connection.:?: All my other IRC5 controllers have the newer DSQC 639 or DSQC 1000 computers and those connect without issue.

    Anyone else have one of these older models and are able to connect to the service port? Any help will be appreciated.

    I need to look at some reach and cell layout possibilities with a 6400R 2.5/150. In older robotstudio I could make a system with the older robots, but I seem to have lost the option to do that with recent updates. Anyone have any ideas for me? or a zip file for robotstudio 5.15?

    I have a 6700 IRC5 with robotware 6.05. A couple times a week the top of the touch screen locks up, where the menu and alarms show up. all other areas of the screen are responsive. I have to power down to regain total functionality, has anyone else run across this type of issue?

    You cant exactly load an S4C+ backup in a 5, but you can make an identical virtual system, i.e. same model robot, load in your programs and modules, then change the EIO file to the same format an IRC5 uses. It takes some time to do because little things changed in the EIO wording.

    Yes. But the native format for robotstudio is .SAT. Unless you bought the option to import solidworks files directly you will need to convert it.

    Does anyone have part numbers for any teach pendant parts? I have been ordering the front housing and keypad from abb and repairing in house for a huge cost savings vs having someone else do it. But I cannot find part numbers for the joystick, rear housing, e-stop button or the small round buttons. Any help or a source for parts would be much appreciated.

    A few years ago, I used to get visits from the account manager at Servo Motors and Drives. They repair pendants, motors, controllers, etc. Found the business card - their website:

    Another place - ex-ABB techs - is Industrial Control Repair. Website:

    As I recall, one type of motor was not repairable. I don't remember if it was Elmo or (probably) Yaskawa.

    I use ICR (Industrial Control Repair) for all my motor repairs, good warranty and they test it out on 2 different robots before sending it back.

    My company bought a used IRC5 2400 m2004 robot with a DSQC 623 main computer. My issue is trying to connect to the controller via robot studio using the service port. In my computers network settings I can see it make a connection for a second then change to saying a cable is unplugged. As that is happening, the orange led showing activity is on when it shows connection and off when it says a cable is unplugged. the green led stays on constantly. I have checked settings in the boot loader, every system parameter I can think of.

    Does anyone have any ideas what else I could check?

    Can anyone tell me where on a 6650 robot I can find the 3HAC number? While looking for a spare harness for the robot I discovered that it has 2 harness variations, one having 3 different part numbers with harting style connectors near axis 3 (currently on my robot), and another that is 1 cable harness all the way through. the cost difference is around $10,000 between the 2 and ABB wont tell me if they are interchangeable, just that my robot has the 3 part harness.

    Yes this issue is still happening. I put the original parts back in after sending them out for evaluation. I will check the wires on the disconnect today and see if I can monitor it like you suggested. Thanks

    The 24v was corrected by adding an additional power supply to the cell for the devicenet signals. I have sent multiple error logs to abb tech support multiple time and they cant find anything to cause it.

    I am not getting any hardware errors. I can save a log file and get it posted today.
    A side note, the cell this robot runs in had an issue with the DC power dropping from 24vdc to 13-23vdc. I'm not sure if it is related because all the communication from the robot to the PLC is isolated. since that was corrected on Monday I have not gotten any reports of a spontaneous reboot.

    I have 2 irb2400 m2004 irc5 robots that reboot during normal operation. sometimes they come back on but in a system failure state requiring a B-Start, other times it shuts down and shows "connecting to controller" until the power is disconnected and reset also needing a b-start. So far I have checked power supplies, changed main computers, the axis computer, verified Ethernet cables in the cabinet, and replaced the backup capacitor bank. I am running out of ideas on where to go from here

    If you search amazon for a usb floppy emulator, they have several options for around $30-$40. they are plug and play. unhook the floppy drive in the cabinet, plug in the usb drive and you are done. you do need the ABB usb floppy manager software that is free to download.