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    I do apologize, it was a long week.............Somehow I put the 68 on my subject instead of #73. We are starting up this morning, I'll check connections and test the main copper running back to the PLC panel.
    Yes its a KRC4, next time I'll add in more details besides what I had in the subject tittle.
    System is a dual pick and place palletizer, integrated with an AB L73/73S PLC.


    Cant seem to find information on error #68. This may not by the error causing the fault but it is the first warning on the log. See the fault sting I've listed below that occurs when my system goes down.

    Having interment faults on one robot of a two robot palletizer system.
    Code #'s are not in the manual? Anyone know what the error is? The manual seems to skip #'s..... Why is that?

    Short Circuit Barking Active - #73 is the initial error followed by several other errors
    EtherCat bus error <ECAT-CTRLBUS> - #13008
    Safe Device Communication Error - #15002
    Safety Stop
    Drives Disabled by Safety
    <ECAT-CTRLBUS> missing reception of network frames [Fame Response Error [Limit=5]] - #13016
    DCM Controller Not Synchronized (max value=5[ns], actual value =4294967 [ns]) - #13027
    <ECAT-CTRLBUS> Ethercat Bus Error. Device KUKA Power Pack 2 Achsen (KPP2)(G1) [AL-Err: SYNC Manager Watchdog] - #13020
    General Power Supply Error (1) - #26015
    CF: Ackn EtherCAT connection lost (0) - #26063
    CF: Ackn Connection to motor driver lost (0) - #26065
    General servo error (1) - #26013
    '' '' (2) - #26013
    '' '' (3) - #26013
    '' '' (4) - #26013
    '' '' (5) - #26013
    '' '' (6) - #26013
    CF Connection to driver reestablished - #26066
    Akcn. General Power Supply Error (1) - #26014
    Akcn. General servo error (1) - #26012
    '' '' (2) - #26012
    '' '' (3) - #26012
    '' '' (4) - #26012
    '' '' (5) - #26012
    '' '' (6) - #26012
    Drives not ready - #200
    Akcn. Safe Device communication error - #15003
    <ECAT-CTRLBUS> missing reception of network frames [Fame Response Error [Limit=5]] - #13016
    External Emergency Stop
    No motion enable present
    Drives Disabled by safety
    Dynamic braking active
    This continues with a series of other errors before I ultimately powered down the controller cabinet (480V)
    System reset, cleared errors, and enabled drives.

    Please Help!!!!!

    Having an issue with a error message I can't find info on. The error is coming across as message #73. Any one seen this error message before?

    First I want to say thank you for pointing us in the right direction!!!!!
    Once we reviewed your response to the 1422 error we investigated the original cabling in the bottom sensor. The cable on Robot A had be tampered with. Someone screwed in the sensor just enough to intermittently cause the error. We disconnected the cable and have ran since 2pm yesterday W/O a internal fault!!!!!!

    The external axis is E1. My partner has looked into the O-scope trace but we haven't done one before. Any tips?

    Thanks again for the help!

    Thank you for splitting the thread!

    KR470 - Trap doors, sliding away from each other when dropping a load and closing to pick another load. Small uhmw roller beds for the load to slide into when the doors are closed. Ploychain driven external axis.

    The 1105 is occurring on the external axis when the Robot is at place and opening the doors. The doors are always in the open position when the error occurs. Sometimes we get a 108 error also.
    One of the other issues was a Z-sensor, external axis outside software limit. We opened up the software window. Before we opened the window I would have to re-master the external axis to clear the fault.

    1422 seems to be occurring when in the same position but doors are not open. The original design used a break beam across the bottom of the EOAT to determine the position of the pallet but I thought the original commissioning programmer removed it from the code. Now I use a 3D sensor looking down from the top when the Robot is a pick to determine the place position. does this make any sense?

    I’m fighting an intermittent issue: 1105 / 1422 errors. This has been a reoccurring issue mostly on one Robot. I have a pair of Kuka’s palletizing layers. The error occurs when the Robot is at place, when the trap doors are opening (external axis).

    Error 1105: $IN_POS_MA was not reached within the set positioning time $TIME_POS &
    Error 1422: Read access to a variable that has not been initialized or has an invalid value $POS_INT
    Is the one error a condition of the other or do I have different issues????