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    Thanks for your reply and the information about the .gsd-File. :merci:

    I got this file from FANUC but get the information at the PROFIBUS-DP manual to adjust these parameters. So it is right that all parameters automatically set at the first connection from the main device to the slave robot?

    I´ve only set the parameters at the DP Slave setup with the Output and Input Bytes included the station address and further I´ve to configure the DO´s and the DI´s on the Rack 67 Slot 1 for both signals. Is this right?

    Have I adjust any more parameters that it work correctly or is this everything I´ve to do? If this everything it´s not so complicated to change the connection to the Profibus. :top:

    These are my first steps to work with the Profibus and that´s why my question to you. :icon_mrgreen:

    Thank you.

    Dear Experts, :icon_mrgreen:

    I´m on my first steps to configure a PROFIBUS-DP Slave interface to our single robot.

    Now I´m at the "DP MASTER SLAVE PARAMETER" Setup where I have to configure the right parameters. I have 64 Input and 64 Output Bytes and I don´t know how I configure the parameters right to get a working connection.

    Can anybody explain what are the important parameters I´ve to adjust? How many Config Data Bytes I´ve to configure by using 64 Input and 64 Output Bytes...? :help:

    The Fanuc documentation is unfortunately not quite understandable.

    Enclosed see my pictures from my configuration.

    Thanks in advance. :merci:

    Thanks for reply. This is a good solution and I don't thought in this way.

    I talked today with FANUC Germany about this problem. The customer service give me the information that the offset frames, what you write in your reply, are limited to 9. So I changed the important vision user frames to the numbers 0 till 9 and the other from 10 till 15. It was a little bit complicated but I now I fixed my problem.

    Had I know your solution earlier, I had do this in your way. Thanks for this thought. :)

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    Thanks for your reply but I don´t mean the expansion of the USER frames at the robot.

    I mean the expansion of the USER frames in the iRVision setup. :toothy9:

    When I create a vision process there I have to adjust at which USER frame the vision process works. There I´ve only 9 frames but at the robot I have 15 frames. So there I need 6 frames more you understand? :hmmm:

    Thanks in advance. :merci:

    Hello guys and experts,

    I have a question in the case of iRVision. :help:

    How can I expand the Offset Frames at the Vision Setup? Can I change the value of the frames at the variables?

    At first I expand my User Frames at the robot. After this I make a Vision Setup and want to set the Offset frame No. 10 but I had only the choice till Frame 9.

    Maybe anybody can help me to find a solution. :merci:

    Thanks in advance,

    your Robotworker

    Did you do the payload calibration procedure? This procedure where the robot moves axis 5 and 6 to calibrate the real weight at the axis?

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    I have good news, the problem is fixed and the robot works again correctly. :top:

    The problem was defective vision data files. Fanuc Germany checked my robot backup and told me I´ve to delete all vision data at the robot and take old vision data from a backup that works before.

    So I delete all vision data files and backup the old files. So the robot works and I´ve no more problems with the vision processes.

    I´m happy about this. :applaus:

    Now I´ll check all vision processes and send a working backup again to Fanuc Germany. They will look what happens and why I had defective vision files.

    I´ll inform you what problems between those two backup´s were present.

    Have a nice weekend. :yesyesyes:

    Kind regards.

    Dear experts,

    I need another solution for the error message "FRCE-159 F/S sensor limit overflow" at our robot M-20iA with Force option. :help:

    I programmed a movement to lay down a workpiece. At this storage position there is a anti-rotation device. When the robot moves down fast to this position, sometimes the robot crash because the anti-rotation device is maybe not dimensionally manufactured. If I have a crash the error message above would be shown and I have to restart the controller to have after the crash a successful forcing. Without a restart I get at another Force error message because of the crash before.

    So now the question is what I can do to not have to restart the controller after this error message?

    Thanks in advance. :merci:

    Thanks for your reply and the information about the path.

    I´ve checked this and get a additional information from Fanuc Germany to delete first all processes before I change the path.

    So I delete all processes and change the path. Restart the robot and open the Vision Setup. I see all processes and want to edit one process but then I also get the error message "CVIS-101, Vision data not found." :wallbash:

    So I need another way to fix my problem. I hope you have another idea to fix it. :help:

    Dear Experts, I need help with an memory issue at my robot. :help:

    For the first I have the model M-20iA with R-30iB Controller. Further I had the iRVision and Force Control Option. Also I have a memory extension to 128MB DRAM / 128MB FROM / 3MB SRAM.

    Now I programmed 277 TP and 29 Vision Programs. So now I have following free memory:

    TPP 560,5 KB

    PERM 1046,3 KB

    SYSTEM 0,5 KB

    SHADOW 32 KB

    TEMP 63347,7 KB

    FR 23828,0 KB

    Now I want to edit one of the 29 Vision Programs but then I get an error message "CVIS-001 Not enough memory to process."

    What can I do now? Can I adjust anything at the system variables or anything else?

    FANUC Germany is responding very slowly to my question. :wallbash: So now my question goes to you and I hope anybody can help me in this case?! :merci:

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    You can take the whole backup to the new robot. But please don't import following files:




    Also the new robot has to stand in the same position as your robot at roboguide.

    I also do it in the same way and program anything at roboguide before I go to the new robot.

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