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    (E0102)Variable is not defined.
    (E1119)Command value for Jt3 beyond motion range.
    (E1123)Speed error jt 2.

    (E6502)Arc failure.
    (E6506)Torch interference.
    (E1128)Uncoincidence error betwen destination and current jt 4 pos.
    (E1192)(SSCNET) Deviation error of Jt 13.(code 52)
    (E1192)(SSCNET) Deviation error of Jt 11.(code 52)
    (E1030)Encoder data is abnormal.( jt 11 12 13)
    (D1535)(SSCNET) Alarm of Jt 11.(code 35)
    (E1363)[Servo board1]Speed of flange center point exceeded safety speed.

    oh... too much Errors

    E0102 is unable refer not initialize values.
    or Not defined data name.

    E1119 is When u use SHIFT or Decompose or TDraw ... alike something
    replace current position will be display out of Robot's Stroke.

    a. Motor Power cable U, V, W disconnect or Arm falling via Power_Block badness.
    b. Motor Power cable or Encoder Harness badness.
    c. Encoder harness disconnect or Encoder Unit badness.
    d. Suddenly Singularity moving happened.
    e. Servo Board fault
    f. Install too much Payload tool or Inertia above motor's torque when drive 100%

    a. Check harness cable
    b. Replace servo amp unit
    c. Replace encoder

    Actually, robot's all postion from Sevro motors Encoder Value(HEX)

    - Guess 1 -
    Ah.. is that Step instruction include R(Shift) ?
    When calculated data out of robot's stroke, Some error popup message showing.

    - Guess 2 -
    Step Motion type P(Joint) and L(Linear) .....
    When nearst Singularity (Joint 4,5,6 Flat figure) motion...
    You can solve use Motion with P.

    Hmm... is that controller connected "Safety wire"?

    Common control for...

    Emergency Stop
    External Hold
    Motor Off
    Motor on

    So, make sure "Relay" 24v status.
    Robot need Closed(B) contact.

    If didn't connect safety wire,
    Try Press and release Green Round button on T/P
    and keep deadman switch.

    Basic is very simple.

    PROC rCycleTime()
    VAR clock clock1;
    VAR num nCTime;

    ClkReset clock1;
    ClkStart clock1;
    ClkStop clock1;

    nCTime := ClkRead(clock1);

    Assign that VAR type data into Mainmodule or UserModule.
    Clk RESRT, START, STOP, READ is unique instruction.
    So, insert ClkReset and ClkStart instruction into main procedure.

    When progress reach Retun before insert ClkStop and Apply Number data from ClkRead

    clock, nCTime - Not assign naming format.
    But keep type "clock" and "num"

    - Record Type -
    Every position(Step) contain Cartesian or Joint angles.
    (Except ie - Global & Local P*** data.)
    So, You can change position type in "Quick Open"menu.
    I think should better use Cartesian(XYZ,rXrYrZ).
    Because readability better than Joint angles.

    - One position(Step) mix Different Options? -
    The answer is No.
    but you can use refer below instruction.

    S1 MOVE L,P1,S=30%,A=3,T=0
    S2 MOVE L,P1,S=30%,A=3,T=2

    When you Record Global Position Number 1 and define Tool data at No.2, robot wiil be reach different position.

    P1 is absolute Position.But S2 instruction define Move by Other Tool_Frame

    in referring "Error Code list" files...


    Message : Collision Sensor operation
    Cause : Collision Sensor Signal is Inputted.
    Remedy : Check whether the robot end-effector tool is transfomed. Start up after removing all the error causes.

    [Solution - 1]
    if when you jogging robot H axis (Joint_01) nearst limit angle (+180" or -180")...
    almost Hyundai_Robot has "Limit Switch" unit.

    so, that LS unit triggered status, Remove 4 Bolt from LS unit's bracket and keep distance LS unit between H Axis Limit Frame (it likes a horn), and T/P Jog away from LS, re-assembly LS unit.

    Payload below 50kg, maybe has only one LS unit. it supervise H Axis (Joint_01)

    maybe above 100kg payload, V Axis as same too.

    [Solution - 2]
    ※ when Struck or Jammed Situtation so need release Axis's Break...
    a. Open Controller's Door
    b. find out toggle switch (you can find PCB board's bottom row)
    c. Axis number as same Right side toggle switch.
    (H - Toggle1, S - Toggle2, V - Toggle3... other Toggle7 or Toggle8 control for External Axis)
    d. Toggle up -> you can release break. always be carefully current gravity or descent direction.

    [Solution - 3]
    when a robot crash something, remove that and jog away from that thing.

    I'm only know...

    System Builder -> Input Controller Serial_Number (Choose correct MediaPool Directory) -> Input DriveModule Serial_Number -> Select Option (Language, Comm Device etc...) -> Add or Skip Parameter -> Finish.

    so, How create from Layout? I'm never seen that GUI.


    S5 MOVE L,S=80%,A=0,T=1
    DO3=1 ' Signal Turn On "Mandrel Positon OK"
    WAIT DI2 ' Wating Singal "Possible Unloading from mandrel"

    It's simple problem.

    "WAIT DI2" instruction wait only DI2 signal "Rise (on = 1)" status.

    so, you should better check PLC or some Proximity sensor status.

    and I hope change that instruction like as a "WAIT DI2=1" ...

    This is Sample program for Basic Handling.

    Yep, DO (Digit Output) is send signal status (On or Off) to PLC unit.
    DI (Digit Input) is Receive Signal from PLC unit.

    And discuss IO_List with PLC programmer.
    look my attached jpg file.

    When your Automation Component without PLC, you don't have to use DI, DO signals... maybe?
    but, almost Industrial Robot Connected PLC.

    becuz DI, DO is related Promise with PLC.

    Grant, Done, Requst... and How to Start the Robot? How to STOP the robot?

    all steps dependence DI,DO Communication with PLC.

    so, Just contemplate Co'op with PLC

    You must Decide "3. Quick Master" before Robot's all joint reach near "0' Degree" ...

    You can use Quick Master. If robot has Reference Master_Counter value data.

    but, data something wrong or replace some Server_motor or etc...

    just 2.Zero Position master do it.

    ah, When you replace "Encoder Backup Battery", Must remind with "Power_On" Status.

    Don't turn_off .

    MENU - 0.NEXT - 6.SYSTEM

    F1[TYPE] - 3.Calib
    (when that menu disappear from TYPE... 6. Variable - 427.$MASTER_ENB value set 1 (It will be different robot option or Version. find out MASTER_ENB Character)

    When you into "3.Calib" menu..

    F3[RES_PCA] -> YES

    BZAL alarm will be reset.

    and, Jogging all joint Center match "Eye_Mark" (maybe attach each joints)

    then, 2. Zero Position Master -> Enter

    6. Calibrate -> Enter


    a. manual backup

    MENU - 7.FILE
    F5[UTIL] - 1.Set Device
    (popup menu) 1.USB on TP (UD:1) // You can backup other media device. ie, CF Card
    F4[BACKUP] - 8.All of Above

    when finish backup, Remove that media and insert other controller.

    a-1. Manual Load
    *.TP (Program)
    *.SV (System Variable)
    *.VR (Variable Register)
    *.IO (Signals. Include Comment)
    *.MR (Macro)
    MENU - 7.FILE
    F5[UTIL] - 1.Set Device
    1. USB on TP (UD:1]

    Choose file and F3[LOAD]…
    Check files extension name.

    b. Frame (User or Tool)
    MENU - 4? 5? FRAMES (I'm not sure which exist number for FRAME)
    - 1. User Frame - F4[DETAIL]
    - 2. Tool Frame - F4[DETAIL]

    look that X, Y, Z, W, P, R Coordinate value and write some note.

    and Just fill out that coordinate value to Other Controller.

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