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    0. Connect Ethernet cable (CAT5, UTP or STP) between Controller and Labtop

    1. (Labtop) Modify IP
    - IPv4 (recommend over 100)
    - Subnet Mask
    - Default Gateway or Controller Public IP

    2. (Controller) Check IP from T/P
    - Service - 2.Control Parameter - 9. Network - 1. Environment Setting - "TP (Public)"
    Hi5 -> (defualt)
    Hi5a -> (defualt)

    4. Start HRView Program. and Change Connection type to Ethernet from Bottom Icon (First time, will be display RS-232C). and Click Left "Connect" Icon check Green mark.

    4. (HRView) Assign new Controller IP
    - Click "comm set" Icon.
    EtherNet Setup window will be display

    IP addr. (Click combo arrow and Select Labtop IP)

    Robot Controller
    Name (User Customize)
    IP addr. (Input Actual Robot-Controller Public IP)

    Click "Insert" command button

    and, you'll be find connection list from left.

    Select Host name and Click "OK" command button (EtherNet Setup window will be close)

    5. Click Refresh Buttom

    Break release possible only when a "Motor on" status.

    simply, hold operation replace between break and Motor torque (reduction gear)

    case in common handling (Pickup -> Unload), don't need CONTPATH instruction.

    but, when a progress required without stop while moving, useful CONTPATH instruction.

    ie - Welding, cutting ...

    CONTPATH related "R360" Parameter code.

    "R -> 360 -> Enter"

    0 :
    Robot Moving - Arrive recorded Position - Moving Stop - Execute instruction(function) - Robot Moving (Go & Stop Motion)

    1 :
    Robot Moving - Arrive recorded Position - Without Moving Stop - Execute instruction(function) - Robot Moving (Continuous Motion, Without Signal Input)

    2 :
    include Parameter "1" option. and process possible mix WAIT (Precedence calculate Signal Input) Instruction.

    and, You can Check T/P window upper side.
    (check attach GIF file)

    in program instruction use below...


    - Notice -
    When you didn't assign CONTPATH instruction, robot operation will apply "1" Parameter (default)

    so, If you wanna include signal input, Must be assign CONTPATH 2 each Job files upper Line.

    1. JAPPRO
    This instruction configured Position target and number data.
    1-1. check "placing" XYZOAT cartesian data.
    1-2. check "offset" character's number data.

    2. LDEPART
    I think should better LDEPART before TOOL and ALIGN instruction.
    2-1. insert "LDEPART offset" instruction below "SPEED 10"

    When a lost master counter value. You can restore from Image backup files.

    Menu - 7. File - Backup - 8.All of Above

    this backup is not a contain master counter value.

    Image backup & Restore is very easy and useful.

    because you don't have to axis mastering again when a lost Calibrated pulse code data.
    TP? VR? all program and system parameter included.

    Hi kwakisaki,

    Thanks for your comments. Before get it back running again I got only one error with the Check sum which could the reset in the settings.

    You can solve "Check sum error" follow next steps.

    AUX 0803 (Menu -> System -> Sum Check Error Reset)

    Check box move to Off.

    and Press "ESC" button twice on T/P.

    your E0903 error message will be clear.

    but, When a Cold start (Turn off -> Turn On) system, that parameter will be automatically returning to On.

    OK....1 last confirmation.
    Racermike123, in another thread you posted "The only rule for mastering a Fanuc is that axis 2 must be at zero to master axis 3 at zero."
    If I do single axis mastering as mentioned above, does this not apply? My plate would not have axis 2 and 3 @ 0 degrees. I will know the positions of 2 and 3, but they just won't be zero.
    Thanx again!!! (and again, and again. I want to change how we do things here but the guy "in charge" (who isn't involved with the mastering after a wiring harness job) is quite stubborn, and I HAVE to have this right before I bring it to management. He thinks quick master is the best way to go....we always have problems when we do that)

    Axis 1, 2, 3 possible single mastering

    but Axis 4~6 must have to same zero angle and execute mastering.

    becuz related reduction gear and pulse code refer each axis 4 ~6

    Almost robot maker support "Palletize" option.

    Very useful and easy. but I don't like.

    Because it will disturb "Understand of 3D layer from Program Logic".

    I think to understand of palletizing, create only programming.

    FANUC, ABB, KAWASAKI as the same logic process.

    Calculate number by Divide, Module.
    and define Row, Column, Layer
    mix Offset value
    execute Position mix with RCL value * Offset Value

    so, you don't have worry without palletize option.

    The main point is all robot possible without palletize option and can create only basic program (instruction)

    becuz Manipulator and Controller's information data as synchronized.
    (Robot Model, Robot Option, Robot Serial Number, Encoder Value etc...)

    when you swap another MH5 robot, T/P will be display error messages.
    so, if you wanna swap another Manipulator, Install and Initialize Manipulator.

    this case as same another maker robot products.

    1. manual check motion with STEP On condition.
    2. When MOTN-018 appear again with STEP off condition, maybe calculate next position out of actual Stroke. becuz robot Precedence calculate next Motion data.

    MOTN-018 is meaning out of stroke. Not undefined position data.
    so, you have to check XYZWPR value.

    1. Cable Harness connect before turn off main-power source.
    2. External_Axis install at correct place before test Motion (jogging) finish step.
    3. This EXCEL file refer MU400 External_Axis Model.
    4. And you have to Load MU400 motor cfg files. (check attach file)
    (RobotStudio - Controller - Load Parameters - Load parameters if no Duplicates)

    I dunno how calculate PCD from Motor's rev/min or Gear pitch or ....
    so, final tune via "Tune Master" application from ABB official site.

    a. Turn off and Install all harness.
    b. Turn on and Load MU400 cfg file.
    c. Warm (or cold) reboot
    d. Calibrate (Zeroing) M7DM1 from Calib menu.
    e. instruction use ActUnit M7DM1;
    f. Manual Jogging Test
    g. Turn off and External_Axis install at correct place.
    i. install or assembly other mech unit for external axis
    j. Turn on and jog test (Jam or Smooth)

    and... need backup before this progress. OK?

    i - All connector or Cable name are may not match your environment.

    Are you try to Restore?

    in Controlled Start window (when finish init start, automatically into ctrl start window)

    Press "MENU" button and select "System Variables"

    next, F4(Restore)

    follow displayed request.

    nCount := 0;
    pStack := pWork_Origin;

    nOffs_X := 200;
    nOffs_Y := 50;
    nOffs_Z := 300;

    nRow_X := Abs(nCount DIV 3)
    nCol_Y := Abs(nCount MOD 3)
    nLay_Z := Abs(nCount DIV 6)

    pStack := Offs(pStack, nOffs_X * nOffs_Y, nOffs_Y * nCol_Y, nOffs_Z * nLay_Z);

    MoveJ Offs(pStack, 0, 0, 300), v1500, z50, tool0;
    MoveL Offs(pStack, 0, 0, 50), v500, z10, tool0;
    MoveL pStack, v300, fine, tool0;
    nCount := nCount + 1;
    MoveL Offs(pStack, 0, 0, 50), v500, z10, tool0;
    MoveL Offs(pStack, 0, 0, 300), v1500, z50, tool0;

    I've heard ABB and Ford co'op Development IFWC (Integrated framework Controls).

    anyone experience this system?

    ah, now project from FORD and we will delivery to South africa :icon_eek:

    1. Turn off Power
    2. Open E_Controller Upper Cover Plate
    3. Find Dip_Switch (Blue square and white color). this switch near RS-232C port.
    4. You can find all dip_switch set "Off" status.
    5. Only No.8 Dip_Switch set to "ON"
    6. Turn on Power

    and T/P will be display wait user command for Initialize.

    Initialize ?
    0 : No
    1 : System Initialize
    2 : Factory Setting

    Dip_Switch No.8 must be set "Off" before Next cold or warm reboot.

    ah... still your T/P freeze status....

    1. Turn off Power, Remove CF Memory card and Re-Install, Turn On
    2. Replace another T/P unit.
    3... Call Kawasaki A/S Team :frowning_face: ...

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