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    my experience (Client needs more save cycle time) ,

    keep instructions format and add some trick

    next approch more close to recorded position by Reltool (or Offset)

    IF Di20_Height_Reset = 1 THEN

    pTemp2 := pSearch_Start;


    MoveL Offs(pTemp2, 0, 0, 50), vMax, z10, tGrip;

    SearchL\Stop, Di01_PartSensor, pDetect, Offs(pRef_Position), v100, fine, tGrip;


    MoveL Offs(pTemp2, 0, 0, 50), v50, z10, tGrip;

    IF Di05_Vac_Pressure = 1 THEN

    Decr nLayer_Quaintity;


    IF nLayer_Quantity > 0 THEN

    pTemp2 := pDetect;

    ElseIF nLayer_Quantity < 1 THEN

    pTemp2 := pSearch_Start;


    MoveL pSearch_Start, v1500, z200, tGrip;

    when create "Virtual Controller" by "Installation Manager" (Create from Backup files),

    that VC working fine?

    If that created VC working, robotstudio's intergrity ok

    > Project file problem

    If created VC not working or similar error message appear again

    > robotstudio broken. Recommend clean install robotstudio apps.

    I'm only know 3 types instruction for call procedure.

    I'd like call proc by "CallByVar" types, but when I looking program tree... Sorting status looks bad.



    Robotstudio & TP sort format by A~Z, 0~9, Char Lenght... right?

    I wanna change to as like next picture


    But, "CallByVar" instruction unable to call that "01" value.

    you know, becuz GInput instruction is signal convert to decimal. this value didn't contain 0 digit of first place.

    I wanna control under 2 decimal digits (00 ~ 99)

    PLC give to robot number (Group Input)

    So here question.

    When I received digit value's length under 2 size (1 ~ 9)

    how can I convert string with add a "0" character ?


    num 1 -> str 01

    num 2 -> str 02


    num 9 -> str 09

    I thik similar function, excel app's "TEXT"

    My experience device is..

    [ IRC5 Software Option Req ]

    840-2 Profibus Anybus device

    [ Hardware ]

    PROFIBUS DP-V1 (DSQC_667, Anybus Device)

    [ GSD file ]

    HMS_1811.gsd (Given to PLC Enginner. Needs for device registration)

    • In the RobotWare installation folder in RobotStudio: ...\RobotPackages\


    • On the IRC5 Controller: <SystemName>\PRODUCTS\


    (Use Robotstudio's "File transfer" explorer for IRC5 controller)

    [ Profibus Manual ]


    [ Setup ] (in Robotstudio)

    1. assign address, input size (Byte), output size (byte), add signal.

    that's all.

    ah... can you try

    0. Copy and create current program

    1. copy line 14 position and paste below line number 14

    2. jog robot and record copied position.

    3. Teach(CONT on) or Repeat mode motion test

    Happen again that problem (when stop or delay motion).....

    try ASLanguage type.

    WAIT (SIG(1003)==TRUE AND SIG(1004)==FALSE) OR (TIMER(1)>5)


    your reply is correct basic rule.:thumbs_up:

    one sensor on is meaning opposition sensor must to be off status.

    the gripper handling part name is "Cam carrier"

    this part assembly on the Cylinder block's head.

    it isn't fixture part handling process

    part on the mold tray and that tray has tolerance over 10mm

    so, robot use vision align.

    part top surface had hole. this hole for gripper location pin insert.

    approach part top surface, picture trigger, RS232C comm, TDRAW offset, XMOVE descent, clamp. that's all.

    however .. rarely? External Vision align value a little bit (I think below 2mm) not fitting.

    so, gripper guide pin not into part's hole.

    occur clamp problem.

    Vision engineer try many times narrow align value's tolerance or miscalculated value.

    not enough time, too tight schedule, end user's pressure... so unwillingly...

    I'm change idea, focus gripper operate or not operate.

    guess... it possible when pickup from mold tray then naturally part fit clamp by jaw.

    so I use unusual condition.

    everything is working fine.

    return main topic...

    I want... prevent running sequence stop until next MOVE (also alike DELAY) instruction.

    Improve ... CONT mode more separation similar other robots.

    any idea always welcome.

    Thank you for allocating a lot of time to my rude questions.

    and sorry.

    I must have to consider more carefully choose words.

    I'm apologize my English.
    I didn't meaning offensive words.

    So I suggest you stick with ABB and leave Kawasaki projects to those who like them.

    We try always avoid use KWSK robot to new FA process.

    but, trading company already has KWSK robot and request order to us for robot teaching.

    end user(Major company) purchase robot -> supply robot to coop mech vender -> Mech vender request robot teaching to us.

    so... we hadn't robot maker select permissions.

    Why? are increasing cycle time that way.

    You have CP, ACCURACY, FINE, WAIT, TWAIT, MWAIT, STABLE, BREAK, BRAKE, OPENI, CLOSEI, REALXI, GUNON, GUNOFF, OX.PREOUT, PREFETCH.SIGINS and many other commands which will assist with synchronizing non motion with motion instructions.

    ah, that "DELAY" instruction when a TEACH mode for self verification.

    make some condition and check program stack sequence? flow? when I intended way.

    after all verification done, remove DELAY instruction.

    Sorry less describe to verification.

    We can't use OPENI, CLOSEI instruction.

    Solenoid valve control for Gripper Clamp and Unclamp.

    this OX, WX Signal direct connect to Controller's (CN2 Connector)

    almost proximity sensor installed each end bracket for detection witch unit operated clamp or unclamp.

    less air pressure, something jam inside cylinder, teaching point not fitting, sensor broken... we don't know until actually look that situation.

    Robot must given error signal to Master PLC when until 5/sec sensor condition not satisfy,

    and, here my recent project program.

    - All manufacturers have different methods and you are dealing with dangerous equipment, so you must be suitably product trained in order to use it.

    - Take training classes and understand what these methods are designed to do, and maybe you learn that it is how you apply it that makes it dangerous.

    - If you don't like it, don't use it...…………….. :away:

    7years ago, first time KWSK tranning (I'm be used FANUC and ABB before this tranning) ,feel something wrong.

    ask to instructor. "Why this robot's TEACH mode hadn't command line GO function?"

    he said, "We know. that is critical problem when use AS Language. but KWSK HQ didn't improvement. so we recommend carefully watch start line number and contain function instruction reading before next moving instruction"

    yep, I'm not like KWSK.
    Never recommend KWSK. Never.

    ah, Motorcycle is good. ZXR Ninja is best.

    KWSAK robot... South Korea Provider "Hyundai WIA" still insist purchase this robot to coop mechanic vender.

    implicit pressure. oh jesus.

    I can't stop this irrationality. no power.

    Promote FANUC? stop kidding plz.

    My best tier is ABB.
    Should I have to better example maker name to ABB?

    Warning and Caution. indeed.

    I'm still report KWSK korea office engineer. problem and some improvements.

    but, they are don't care market share.

    Release stress? this problem makes stress. oops.

    I think you are misunderstand AS Language.


    I have 2 buttons.

    Button No.1 -When I press it, something moves, when I release it, that something stops.

    Button No.2 - When I press it, something moves, when I want to stop it, I then have to look for and press a different button.

    Which button is more dangerous?

    It is not a problem. Moving is not a problem.

    Just release deadman switch (all maker common)

    FANUC? Release SHIFT

    ABB? Press STOP button

    HHIR? Press STOP button

    YSKW? Release RUN button

    The key point is FUNCTION instruction.

    call program, data transmission, assign TRANS cartesian, Program stack turning point, Condition judgement... etc.

    All this instruction continuosly progress without user's volition.

    I wanna verification my program and condition flow when "Manual mode".

    BLOCK language DO NOT have to consider this problem.

    just teach hard and make many points.

    anyway, I'm still insert DELAY instruction for "break point (as like Visual basic F8 function)" effect.

    FANUC robot, STEP function is only one Line FWD and Stop.

    (All command type not distinction)

    But... KWSK's STEP function is very very different

    CONT is Single and Press GO button..

    Signal Control, Value Calculation... continous run.

    Program progress start and stop until next Motion or DELAY insrtuction.

    Yep. Single GO function distinction in "AS Language"

    It is very Dangerous.

    But, when use BLOCK instruction, this Single GO function working fine. Alike other maker robots.

    Why KAWASAKI robot not support "Command Line" GO mode?

    I.. hope next year controller support Command Line GO function.

    South korea...

    Enforcement entry process as like other country.

    You know, Check Body Temperature, Fill out location Live form...

    Work schdule little bit delayed.

    But, still continue.

    Ah, Biztrip schdule all suspended.

    Becuz South korea has failed prevent China Virus.

    And ... we get international isolation.

    Dumb president.... damn.

    ah.. I'm not sure my english grammer (as alike verbs, object)... plz understand. sry.

    Recently, in south korea, jam accident happend.

    robot crash to operator.

    reason is simple.

    they are didn't keep FA safety rule.

    so, we received request from customer.

    1 When robot stop by Alarm (External Signal, Robot System etc..)

    2 Restart robot's override must below 30%

    3 after 5/sec, robot return normal condition override.

    4 Realtime override control by PLC Signal.

    any ideas? Always welcome.

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