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    Collision detection in most robots really sucks.

    That they can't actually predict the amount of force needed for a movement, well being used to abb's i will never understand this.

    My normal use cases was products with different sizes and densities, even where they were to be picked in the tool.

    So adding this to the tool load, and letting the ABB run with standard coldetect settings, nothing bad would ever happen in case the product sucked.

    It also wasn't unusual to have something like 3000 different permutations, but only have the heaviest, longest/ shortest 4-5 types when testing.

    So the solution, like panic suggests, More sensors, and make sure no collision occurs, because actually setting up collision detection needs a very locked program/payload/speed structure.

    This kind of negates the very usefull ability of robots to adapt to new products, but there you go

    I was just recently out to help an older Kuka.

    Specifically it was a KR120r3200 /KRC4 running kss 8.2.20

    None of the versions of work visual i could get my fingers on, was able to open the project.

    I tried with 4.** , told me it was too new, and that it didnt want to speak to such an old robot

    Then i tried with WorkVisual_V2.4.5_Build0091 and WorkVisual_V2.4.6_Build0098

    These would open the project, but

    Neither the project on the robot, nor the ones we had in our backup archive.

    They all kept complaining about a dtm error.

    I think i tracked it to the KUKA-DEV io item

    I then, in desperation tried to recreate the project from scratch, only to find that

    None of these old versions supported the KR120/R3200 Robot.

    They would support other KR120's but the R3200 wasn't there yet.

    Does anyone have any experience regarding what version of Workvisual would support 8.2.20 ?


    I can give you an example of where you want the robot to NOT go back.

    I have a robot cell. This cell will be moved from our site, to the customers site.

    Once there, someone will have to recalibrate the bases.

    The way i do this, is i have a laser sensor on the robot, that must hit some marks.

    Then i calculate the offsets, and everything just works.

    The guy that has to align the marks with the laser, is the mechanical supervisor.

    I can teach him, how to jog the robot a little, but not how to do this, the real way.

    Instead i create an install wizard, that moves the robot to just about the correct position. Then asks the supervisor to adjust the position. Then i do an Thispos=$pos_act, moves to the next position and so on.

    Since i sometimes have a year, from when were done with the robot, till the robot is on site, this also helps me.

    Well, there is actually a really UGLY way of doing this.
    1) Get an router, it doesn't matter if its has wifi or not, configure as follows.
    a) No DHCP server
    b) Wan setting, DHCP
    c) Local IP, as needed by your network
    2) Configure a routing table either on the dhcp server of your company lan, or in your computer routing table
    a) something like "robot1" = Router 1 ip and "robot2" = Router 2 ip

    its not pretty, but i have gotten it working a couple of times.
    Best solution, get the pc option

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