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    Hi, I'm new to Roboguide coming from Motoman. When loading a backup file into roboguide to create a cell it stops at "connecting robot server". Does it physically need to be connected to the robots? If so, that's not very "offline" programming.

    Not sure what to do from here.


    I just started a new job and we use all Fanuc weld robots. I come from Yaskawa Motoman and I was able to add peripherals like a digital counter from an output of the machine. Does Fanuc have a similar input/outputs that can be used in a similar fashion?

    Sorry for the noob question, I had a hard time finding any answers online.


    Try using "Save-As" instead of save. This will overwrite the existing program and XML files. You can also choose the type of .vcl file it will save as.

    All of your terminal are full ?

    If you associate an output at 300xx your signal is located in the external output .
    Try to vary your output ( signal on/off ) and cheek the seeing's output if its good.
    If i didnt work try to change 3000XX in a Universal output with 100XX

    Yeah it appears from the CIO diagram all of our outputs are being used. The remaining open spots in the terminal are only labelled "B15" for example but no address like 300xx at all. So I was trying to see if there was a way to activate or address the ones that aren't occupied.


    those output are Normally close if they aren't declare you too add it in the ladder part

    for exemple #20040 OUT #00009 and cable the signal + on the thick headed BXXor AXX and the - on the thick headed - which one you want
    try to enable/disable your output and watch your output if the signal change

    That was extremely helpful. My only question now is once they are put in the ladder, how do we know the address or which output it is controlling?
    For example OUT008 30037 A13 gives me the OUT and the 30037 address. How would I get that and to know what specific output I'm getting? It appears all of our available outputs are already taken except for the B14-A14 examples. I'm just lost on how I can chose one of those specifically. That way I can wire into the correct output at the terminal, just unsure of how to activate it through the ladder.

    Look at the CIO.

    I have the drawings, my question was; lets say there are 15 outputs on a junction, but only 3 are being used. In the drawing it only shows those 3 with addresses. Does this mean the remaining outputs aren't useable in any way? Otherwise I have no more available outputs.

    I'll attach an example, area in question circled in red

    Can you elaborate on the flag signal with the AND logic a little more?

    How do I select the that on the teach pendant, or do I have to do it manually on an editor? When I go to edit the IF/THEN on the pendant it only gives me IN#, IG# and bits or strings as an option.

    I am trying to install an andon light on our DX200's, the problem is finding an output that only is active when the robot is moving, this way we can also capture movement time. The output on the CN308 board #B8 (Running) stays on even when the robot isn't in motion because we use a jog program between main programs. I attempted to create a new rung in the ladder but I always seem to get an error about multiple outputs although it's not duplicated anywhere.

    Any ideas?


    Does the DX200 have an OPC server? I'm looking to hook up a scada system to our controllers but can't seem to find any info on the OPC. I've found paid options for the MPiec Series, is this the same thing?

    I've searched all over and I can't find anything so I'm coming here.

    If I plug into one of our DX200's via ethernet and open a web browser and type in the IP address of the controller a web page pops up of the robot controller but when I click on "Files" I just get an "internal error" message. It worked once before and I was able to view jobs and alarms, does anyone have any clue what needs to be done to get it to work again? I'm literally willing to pay at this point.