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    Hi Jakebans22,
    I had the exact same problem with the Lincoln Electric i400and Arcmate 100i at my work. I went through all the things that have mention here, but problem still existed. It came to a conclusion that I think it’s the main board in the i400. My company is not like want to throwing money around, so what I did was look for an digital output in the PLC cabinet and use it to turn it on and off during weld. (Need to manual turn on and off to find it.)
    Here’s an example:
    5:DO[10]=ON; (output 10 will be replace with your’s)
    6:J P[5] 40% FINE Arc Start[1] ;
    7:L P[6] WELD_SPEED FINE Arc End[1] ;
    That output 10 goes to a relay and feed 24v and ground to the gas solenoid.
    Hope that help.

    Hi, this has been working for me.
    I created a MAIN.TP.

    1.CALL SAFEHOME <---------We created a "safehome" macro. Inside there are "home position" and outputs to PLC.
    3.CALL SAFEHOME <--------------Before running the routine we call safehome, just want to be safe, probably don't need it.
    4.IF DO[102]=OFF JMP_LABEL[2] <----------Go to label 2 if signal 102 is off. (Yours might be different) 102 is a signal to PLC. (Push button)
    5.IF DO[102]=ON CALL SIDE_A <----------If signal 102 is ON then call "Side A". Inside the "Side A" we call side A program.
    6.WAIT DI[104]= OFF <------- Our PLC tells the robot to execute. we want to be sure the Di104 is Off. (Our robot sometime won't turn it off)
    8.IF DO[103]=OFF JMP_LABEL[3] <----------Go to label 3 if signal 103 is off. (Yours might be different) 103 is a signal to PLC.
    9.IF DO[103]=ON CALL SIDE_B <----------If signal 103 is ON then call "Side B". Inside the "Side B" we call side B program.
    10.WAIT DI[105]=OFF <---------- we want to be sure the Di105 is Off.
    12.[R1]=[R1]+1 <---------- Torch cleaner count
    13.IF [R1]<5 JMP LBL[99] <--------If register 1 is less then 5 jump to label 99
    14.WAIT 1 SECOND
    15.IF [R1]=5 DI[104] AND DI[105]OFF <--------If register 1 reach 5 and 104 and 105 is OFF
    16.CALL REAMER <----------Call the torch cleaning program. (Macro)
    17.[R1]=0 <---------- Reset torch cleaner count

    Thank you everyone for the inputs, finally got it working by following hermann's instructions. :beerchug:
    Have a wonderful day!

    Hello everyone, I have the ABB IRB1400 with M2000 controller. I could not get the cycle time working. On the pick list menu I only see ClkReset, ClkStart and ClkStop . Where do I find and how do I insert the ClkRead command ?
    In my routine I have it like this,
    ClkReset clock1;
    ClkStart clock1;
    "My routine"
    ClkStop clock1;
    nCTime := ClkRead(clock1); <---------How do I insert ClkRead on this line? :help:
    TPWrite "Cycle Time"\Num:=nCTime; <-------------To show in TP
    Thank you very much.

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