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    Hi, I am wondering an issue related to A, B and C angles at KUKA iiwa 14.


    When doing cartesian jogging of the flange using SmartPad, that noticed that B and C values are not changing as expected.

    I have used Jogging type: World, and Tool selection: Flange.

    For example: when I press Angle B + button, not only the B value in "Cartesian Position"-view at SmartPad is increasing,

    It seems that changes of B and C angles during pressing B or C + and - buttons are not logical.

    At some poses of the iiwa arm B even decreases when I press B - button.

    My colleague actually noticed this behavior first a couple of weeks ago, earlier we had not paid attention to those values at "Cartesian Position" view on SmartPad.

    Our iiwa is wall-mounted at the moment, at this is taken into account in project settings. We have noticed this behaviour in two different projects.

    I wondering is there something wrong with our iiwa setup at the moment, or does this behavior arise from the way how Sunrise handles Euler angles?

    Would you iiwa owners check how A, B and C values at Cartesian Position -view are behaving during cartesian jogging?

    -BR, Paavo from Kuopio, Finland.

    I am interested in the same question as gman1.

    I'd like to control position and orientation of flange of iiwa based on measurement data received on the desktop. (The desktop which is connected to the sunrise controller of iiwa.).

    I need to find methods to transmit position and orientation of flange to iiwa.

    I have transmitted orientation data to control joints of iiwa via FRI. But controlling the position and orientation of flange is a different task.

    If FRI is to be used for controlling position and orientation of the flange, one would have to calculate set of joint angle movements corresponding to change in position an orientation in every time step. These joint angle movements could be transmitted to iiwa via FRI. So calculations should be done before using FRI... I think this has to happen in the desktop computer. Wouldn't this require knowing exact dimensions of arm of iiwa?

    This feels like unnecessary complicated, the work that robot usually makes itself has to be done separately in this approach.

    Looking forward on any ideas regarding this.

    I have started trying also other methods to transmit position orientation (TCP/IP communication and DirectServo)

    This integration was not solved with Kuka support. The bus to the grippers can be configured in WorkVisual. However we were not able to receive or transmit data from the gripper. We tried different datatypes (bytes, Signed ints.. ) in WorkVisual.
    We can use gripper only via usb.


    I have problem with Kuka iiwa and profibus-gripper. Here's my view on your setup.

    My iiwa has "media flange I/O pneumatic", which does not have cables from the any socket of the flange to the robot base. (X2 socket of this flange is etherCat participant. If you have "media flange pneumatic", your X2 socket is different. According to "Robot option - Media Flange" documentaton by Kuka.

    Anyway, I recommend ensuring suitability of your setup from Kuka.

    The additional hardware is required for ethercat to profibus conversion. We configured the fieldbus to the gripper with Kuka support, but have not succeeded to transfer data via the bus. So, I do not recommend profibus-gripper with iiwa.

    Lähetetty minun LG-D855 laitteesta Tapatalkilla

    We have now built a "custom construction" at the flange of iiwa (See photo) :biggrins:. We extract power from X11, X12 and X13 sockets of the flange for Schunk EGL 90 PB (the gripper) and for the Beckhoff EK1100.

    I have tried to configure the connection to the gripper in WorkVisual. I have managed to connect EK1100 and EL6731 to the KUKA System bus. I have .gsd-file of the EGL 90 Pb B gripper provided by Schunk. I have inserted this .gsd-file to the Profibus IO from the EL6731 in WorkVisual (EL6731 is profibus master and gripper is slave). The screenshot (attached) clarifies the situation in WorkVisual.
    If I export this configuration to Sunrise project and deploy the project from Workbench to the to the controller, the following error appear on SmartPAD: <SYS-X48> Error during ECat stack initialization. Device: EL6731 PROFIBUS DP Master [Init: init command failed - PREOP to SAFEOP]."
    It is well possible that I have not configured the the settings in WorkVisual correctly. (eg. distributed clock settings of EL6731). If some obvious reason for the above error can be spotted based on the attached WorkVisual-screenshot, please let me know.

    I would like to implement similar functionality than apierce. I'd like move end-effector of the KUKA iiwa-arm according to external data (position and orientation). At the moment I am able to transmit angle values via FRI to the joints of robot arm. If I continue using only this basic functionality of FRI, I have to do inverse kinematics computations before transmitting data (measured position -> robot joint angles <-> correct end-effector position). If there is a more suitable method for moving end-effector in cartesian space, please let me know. (I have started familiarizing with DirectServo interface of Kuka, that is possibly one alternative).

    Hi, I just found this thread.

    We are going to integrate a Schunk gripper using etherCAT-profibus-gateway.
    We have received ideas from Kuka representatives, adn we are asking for further support.
    I have also sent some posts to the forum:…-via-io-configuration/15/

    The case described by bigboss seems interesting. Could you tell, which type of KUKA robot and which flange bigboss is in this case?

    BR, Paavo from Univ. Eastern Finland

    Tervehdys tänne

    Meillä Itä-Suomen yliopistolla hankkeessa "Robottikuntouksen kehitysympäristö" on hankittu KUKA lbr iiwa -robottikäsivarsi. Perehdymme askel askeleelta robotin käyttöön ja sovellusten ohjelmointiin.

    Yeah, integration using profibus won't be the most compact. We have now EK1100, EL6731 and an etherCAT cable in our hands. We would like to check whether connection to the EL6731 works. My idea is to connect EK1100 to X2 of media flange, input 24 V power to EK1100.

    I think later we can try more compact solution. For example by modifying EK1100 and EL6731 housing.

    Yeah, etherCAT gripper would be a great alternative. We have found etherCAT grippers only from one manufacturer, and the models are not suitable for us.

    A custom flange, with built-in field bus gateway would be compact. I suspect it would not be simple to manufacture that kind of flange.

    Lähetetty minun LG-D855 laitteesta Tapatalkilla

    Some further thoughts today, we have checked Robotiq grippers which have etherCAT as one interface option. They provide their own universal controller with those grippers. If we have understood correctly, these grippers neither cannot be directly plugged to etherCAT of KUKA.

    We are about to buy components for the etherCAT-profibus integration. We think that a standard method for integration is preferable. Our applications with the iiwa and gripper will be such that persons are close to the robot. Possibly even medical device approval will be needed in some applications. In the etherCAT-profibus integration ethercat signal from the X2 socket of the flange will be converted to profibus using EK1100 and EL6731. Sockets X12, X13 and possibly X11 will be used for power supply. EGL 90 motor and electronics and EK1100 needs power, we have calculated that 3 A (24 V) of total output of the flange is adequate. We have figured out that EK1100 and EL6731 can be installed next to the EGL 90 housing , or between the flange and the housing. It is not very compact but obviously, if anyone knows more compact etherCAT-profibus gateway we would like to check those.

    The possibility of USB-communication via the flange would be nice addition. How do you see, would it be feasible and safe to branch usb-connection from the X12 and X13 sockets to the EGL-90.

    Thank you for the answer,

    I tried to read documentations to figure out how the USB communication is possible.

    The following paragraph is found in both Schunk motion protocol and schunk drive protocol documentation.
    USB communication is only intended for parameterization and commissioning.
    For USB access, it is recommended to use the Motion
    Tool Schunk. (See "Schunk Motion Tool" software manual)
    Do you think this "USB communication" can be utilized to control gripper from the external PC.

    We are expecting further support from KUKA and Schunk

    The gripper are considering to buy is Schunk EGL 90 PB…/39469-0307070-egl-90-pb/

    If I have understood correctly the input data must be in Schunk motion protocol
    The manual of the gripper says: "All possible parameters and the special features of each communication interface (of the individual bus systems) are described in the document about the SCHUNK Motion Protocol, see the Motion Control document."

    Documentations associated with the EGL 90 PB are:…nuals/list/series/EGL/egl

    (The documentations include documentation of Motion protocol version 2.11)

    At this stage we would benefit from the information whether the integration of the gripper can be done via 8 DIs and 4 DOs of iiwa's flange. We will utilize expert support during installation and configuration

    Learning more every day....
    Paavo from Finland

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