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    Thanks SimonPL! My computer is unfortunatly under strick security regulations when it comes to internet/web browsers, so im not able to open any kind of browers :wallbash:

    I found an easy solution though: Instead of using your keyboard for holding SHIFT, you can press (mouse) on SHIFT on the virutal TP and it will be held down! :)


    Does anyone know how to change the robot mode in Roboguide? I would very much like to put the simulation in AUTO. Im running a collision test program which takes a very long time and I don't want to hold SHIFT the entire time.

    Thanks a bunch!


    I am to program alot of paint programs for our new P-250 Fanuc robot using PaintPro. I'm using the CAD-model and the paint zone feature, but its very time consuming to change default paint zone properties for each pain zone (will be hundreds of zones). The defaults values I would like to change is Speed, Approach point, Retract point, Rotation Offset, Tool Frame Axis etc. Does anyone know how I can change these values with out manually changing them all??

    Thanks Alot!!

    Ok, that's great!

    I assume I can use the socket library in python to communicate with the robot over TCP/IP.

    I have requested the R632 and R648 from my supplier, and also the manuals for KAREL and ethernet options. While I'm waiting, maybe some of you could help me a bit more.

    As my PC should run the application it would act as the client, and the robot act as the server. Correct? The server application is writen in karel and should constantly run in the background as a background logic?

    Using the server and client application with socket messaging, is it possible to write and trigger the robot to start a given program from my computer?

    Thanks again!!

    I'm not sure I understand how I can do this offline? Could you please elaborate?

    What I want do to is to listen to, lets say register R[1], from my computer. When the robot changes this to 1 the camera should start taking pictures and when the R[1]=0, stop taking pictures. Maybe there is a easier way?`

    The second thing I want to do, is to trigger and start a given TP-program from the computer. All this should preferably be done using python.



    I'm wondering if it's possible to communicate with my FANUC R-30iB controller using my computer with python over ethernet/ip.

    I want to use the open source computer vision libary in python to create an inspection application using a PoE camera mounted on my M-10iA-12S robot. The PC application should be able to load the correct tp-program, starte the robot and listen if the robot wants to activate the camera. Before purchasing "A05B-2600-R785 R-30iB Softw/ ETHERNET/IP I/O SCAN" which should enable me to communicate over ethernet/ip, I would like to check if any one have any experience using a python script to communicate with a fanuc robot.

    So my question is: Does anyone know or have any experience using python to communcuticate over ethernet/ip with a Fanuc robot? If so, is it possible to starte the robot from the script?

    Thank you guys!

    Thanks for the reply, guys!

    I have a workcell in PaintPro/RoboGuide and I download the LS.file and modify the program in texteditor (adding paint paramaters are very timely on Teach pendant/visual teach pendant) and then reload it into robotguide which creates the TP. In the same process I could copy past all LS-files into one, but this is also timely.

    Collections seems to be a good solution, but Im not able to create one. According to the manual, one should set $COLLECT_ENB to false (in my case to 0?) and this will add the collection to sub types when creating a new TP. But, as I said, the option CO/Collections does not come up.

    Any suggestion for how to create this`?



    I'm using PaintPro to develope robot programs for our P250ia paint robot. The software is designed, correct me if I'm wrong, in such a way that I have to draw a paint zone for each feature of the part. Each paint zone, edge/plane/corner ect results in one TP-program and at the end I create a JOB which in turn calls each paint zone program. This wouldn't have been a problem if I was to paint one part, but we have 108 parts that runs through the paint prosess. Each part have one JOB-file which could call 5-20 TP-programs, which results in thousands of TP-programs.

    My questions:

    1) Is there a way to merge TP-programs together to create one long program instead of many small ones? I know copy and paste would work, but to save time I was hoping for a smoother solution.

    2) Is there a way to sort programs into folders? If I could create 108 folders that would be a good solution too.

    Thank you all for answers!