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    Hello people,

    I am trying to control the joints and the XYZ position of my robot simultaneously using MXT with external PC, however, MXT receives only one type of command at a time or it will send an illegal MXT error, so I need to switch between MXT 1,0 to MXT 1,1

    Is there any variable that changes when MXT receives the command packet? or is there any way to access the received packet from robot side ?

    I am using CIROS programmer by the way.

    thanks in advance

    Hey Guys ! :D

    am in deep shit right now :D , I hope someone would help me here

    I am a college student, and am trying to perform an external realtime control on a "Mitsubishi RV2SDB" Arm robot based on a computer vision program running on a PC.

    I knew from the manuals, and the German version of this forum that there are different ways for network communication with the robot:

    1) TCP/IP Communication with Print/Input
    2) TCP/IP Communication with R3-Protocoll
    3) UDP realtime Communication with external C++ program

    am working on the first and third option in parallel to have some redundancy on the options but neither work.... shit happens:D

    I read that for data linking with the robot some parameters need to be set prior to the usage of OPEN command when using TCP/IP with Print/Input.. such as

    I grasped the idea of what should be the value of each parameter, but I have no idea how to set them on the program !!!

    Is it NETIP = "" or NETIP "" or what????? and I did't find any code examples on how to configure these parameters.

    I feel like it is a dumbass question but it is really a problem for me right now so go easy on me :D :D

    Sorry for the intro but I hope it would be beneficial for anyone (if it were right of course :D ) and if it was wrong (probably yes :D) someone would guide me