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    Thank you Panic Mode. Actually adding extra points is not a solution, assume the for a short motion between two points with for example 10 mm angle sign of one joint has to be reversed for the desired motion. it requires changing in T parameter and if it is kept same as its previous value, the robot will not move as I wanted or just will fail to calculate the path and giving alarm message that axis X rotation limit. I found in other forums some information about undocumented robot functions like INVERSE. This function is the solution to a universal answer to externally move the robot.

    or just use more points (increase point density)

    Thank you, I just faced a new problem and it is that I can not have a universal solution to the problem of setting T for PTP motion. It happens that a6 and a4 do their best to show their most impressive actions to move to a next position instead of being modest or they just refuse to follow my order. Is it possible that the robot automatically define the trajectory that requires the least rotations of axes for reaching to a target?

    Thank you for sharing your answer. First I have to say sorry for not putting the code here. Its just because I have not permission to share the code here.

    Second, thank you Fubini, I guess that the turn specification is restraining me from achieving the desired motion. The manual says that turn lets rotation of axes over 180 or less than -180. but in the table of how to set the bits, it says that 0 means positive values for rotation and 1 is negative values. It does not explain how to set the bits to let an axis rotate outside the range of -180 and 180, it is not clear, at least for me.

    Hi, I have a basic question but I am so confused about it.
    First, I made a robot program by teaching different positions the motions were as expected.
    Then, I tried to perform the same motions by sending the coordinates to the robot and using PTP syntax and while all the motions were as expected except the one of them which was not the first motion and the axis 4 and 6 rotated 180 degrees to get to the target next position. The only specific condition of this position is that the degree of rotation of the robot around one of the axes of rotations is at the end of the period and it immediately switches from 180 to -180. we tried all the possibilities of the angle of rotation but the robot all the time defined a complex path to reach the next position that included full rotation of a4 and a6.

    Hello kind readers,
    I am wondering if it is possible to communicate with the robot via multiple ports, for instance, open a port through a submit interpreter for continuous monitoring of robot states, and another port in a robot program for control. My controller is KRC4 running with KSS 8.3 and I have KUKA.EthernetKRL 2.2 installed on my controller.



    I am going to get the torque trace of all the 6 axes of our robot with work visual. In the work visual 4.0 manual, I can not find how to select the desired system variable I am going to read from the robot. Generally, can I do it and get the trace of robot axes torques for a motion command? If yes, would you please guide me through that.

    Hi all,
    I am trying to develop a server software for controlling a robot with KRC4 controller running by KSS 8.3.

    I want it to receive data of position, drive activation, execution mode, flags for running different cases in robot interpreter or running a subprogram and on the other hand send data of position, the torque on each joint while the robot moves and other variables data to the server. Already, I am only able to receive data in robot interpreter and send data at the end of each step out.

    My idea is to do all the communication with submit interpreter and use global variables common between robot interpreter and submit interpreter to control tho control the robot. Is such structure the right way of doing it.

    I appreciate all your advice

    Hello Everybody
    I am trying to develop software to monitor the robot position of the robot while it is executing a motion command between two points.
    My current state is: already I have developed server software to communicate with the robot via ethernet KRL software. I can send the desired positions to the robot and read the actual position variable on my control software on PC.
    However, I only can receive the robot position when the motion command is terminated (in case of using PTP_REL)
    What I need is to get the robot position while one motion command is executing and I do not need a very fine resolution that even few mm works for me.
    My Idea is to simultaneously, run the same code on VW software as well as the robot both controlled with same server (2 clients and one server doing the same task) and use VW as an observer.

    I would like to receive your critics on this solution.

    My system is a C4 controller with KSS8.3, ethernet KRL 2.2. and already I do not have the RSI software.

    Hello all
    We have a ultra kuka robot and KR C4 controller and we need to execute the brake test. I have read all the manuals for end user, system integrators and safe operation to learn how to do it but I did not find my abswer. My problem is that after preparing all the codes for parking and etc, when I want to run the BrakeTestReq program the error of KSS27022 (T1 mode prevents to execute brake test) appears. I know that I have to switch from T1 mode to AUT mode but after switching the key, the only available mode for selection is T1. I can say it that all the electrical and security connections are right as after commisioning the robot and initial brake test, no configuration has been changed.
    If anybody here helps me to sort out this problem will really help me as its already 3 weeks I am stuck with this problem.

    Thank you so much Panic Mode
    Please may you explain more about safety circuits, is it about hardwares we have added for safety, as we already have a laser sensor to detect movements inside the room in knee height?

    Hello All,

    We have a KUKA robot working with safe operation system, We need to execute the brake test but we can not change the robot mode from T1 to AUT mode as when we turn operation switch to select the operation mode, the only available option is T1 Mode. I tried by activating the start up mode but it also did not work. I am hardly stuck in this problem and I did not find my answer inside manual of SafeOperation. Our system is KSS 8.3 and SafeOperation 3.3.

    Thank you in advance for your help

    I was going to do braking test for the robot with safe.operation system but any time that I was going to run the BrakeTestReq program, I was receiving the error of T1 mode prevents brake test execution.
    I do not know how to solve this issue.
    May somebody help me.

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