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    Hi all,
    I'm trying to make the return to home position whit different ways and commands...example with instruction "move away", checking the axis in the current positions and I don't know if there are better ways to do it...if you want tell me another action I would be really happy to know it.. :toothy9: :merci:

    I have always used the C5G. In the touchpad you can find the icon of the payload (in the Setup or Service folder) that will get you in the application.
    You will need to follow all the instructions with the objects in the grippers.
    The robot will perform predefined movements that you can define in case of necessity and after you will have the payload values.
    In the C4G control panel should be no different.
    I hope I was helpful.

    Maybe you can entry with user COMAU and password as the current date example today is 23-01-2017 so you must write in password 17-01-23.
    If you use this login & password you can entry with all permits.

    If you have the c5g you can found the application "utool" and "uframe",in these application there are all the steps that you have to follow.
    For the tool you have to teach 4 point in different configuration of wrist(if you teach a good point the application starts with only 3 point),later you must move the tool in X,Y,Z for finish the configuration.
    For the frame,you have to follow the same procedure but the robot will ask you the origin point of the X,Y,Z. If you want to check the frame you can change the movement on TP in frame and you follow the traiectory.

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