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    Yes but I can't "see" DI or DO of robot2 in robot1, so I can't make this cross connection.

    I will simulate it manually, just not very convenient to make stopwatch.

    Thanks for the help !

    I can make a world zone, but, when Robot 1 WZ is active, then, the output corresponding change value, but the input on the robot 2, corresponding to the output of robot 1 doesn't change.

    It's an existing and running program in reality, but i want to do some tests, so i need to run the program like in reality

    You can offline program. Save your changes and then, load it in your robot by the floppy/usb port.
    ABB doesn't need to be program in RS, you can write it in a .txt editor

    The advantage of RS with an IRC5 is that you can connect your computer to the robot by ethernet cable and directly write on the robot.

    If your backup is a backup of S4C or S4C+, you can't create a solution from a backup, you need a IRC5 backup. But you can create an empty solution, and then, select your robot and load modules


    I'm making a simulation in RS, with 2 S4C+ robots. I did the conversion of EIO.cfg to make it works for IRC5.
    Now i want the worldzones of both robots change at the same time.
    I mean : when DO HZ_Robot1 change , DI_Robot1 (in robot 2) change too, but it doesn't works. I thought to create a cross conection but i don't found how to make it.

    Some Help ?

    Thanks in advance

    In my opinion, you don't need a licence active to write program and load/save it to/from a robot. You need it if you want to make simulation

    Hi again.

    PERS num NbCouche:=21;
    PERS num DiamRoue:=435;
    PERS num LargRoue:=191;
    PERS num HautRoue:=152;
    PERS num GalbeRoue:=2;
    PERS num PoidsRoue:=9.69;
    PERS num EpaisInter:=4;
    PERS num LongInter:=1360;
    PERS num LargInter:=1150;
    PERS num EpaisPal:=164;
    PERS num LongPal:=1340;
    PERS num LargPal:=1134;
    PERS num DecalPal:=0;
    PERS num NbPasse:=3;
    PERS num OffsPasse{4,4}:=[[450,0,90,342],[0,240,90,480],[-450,0,90,342],[0,0,0,0]];
    PERS dionum Px_Pinces{4,3}:=[[1,0,1],[1,1,0],[1,0,1],[0,0,0]];
    PERS dionum InterSommet:=0;
    PERS dionum InterPal:=0;
    PERS string NomRoue:="179X";
    PERS string NomInter:="W (EUWA16)";
    PERS string NomPal:="P(ACIER_GP)";
    PERS string NomCamp:="179X / V1";

    Here is an example of DATA of a campaign. 2 first arg of OffsPasse are for X and Y, the third is for Z Rot and last is for external axis (mobile pliers)
    with a rot of +90°, it works, but the 6th axis do a 180° between catch position, and take off position. This rotation is useless, so my idea was to change 90 by -90, to make the robot take off the wheels with the same position of 6th axis than in catch position.

    I hope to be clear

    If you have a mailbox, maybe i can send you some files

    edit: oh... i forgot to put "p_travail:=RelTool(p_travail,0,0,0\Rz:=OffsPasse{n_CptPasse,3});" in comment, think i found my problem haha

    The program work with 90° reltool offset, but i want it works with -90° (because the robot makes a 180 movement since the take pose, and i won't, it's useless) but conf is not good

    Thanks SAABoholic, i will try your idea. Here is my prog

    reference pos is : PERS robtarget p_PoseRoue:=[[0,0,0],[0,0.707107,-0.707107,0],[-2,0,-2,0],[0,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09]];

    and the routine :

    PROC AvantPoseRoue()
    VAR num EntraxePince;
    VAR num AnglePince;

    !** Affectation repere de travail **!
    !** et attente autorisation depose**!
    TesteInfo e_AutoPoseG,1,"Abscence d'autorisation de depose roues!"\TempsMax:=360;
    !**Acquisition valeur de DEC du point de pose roue**

    {n_CptPasse,3} = 0 or 90, but i want to replace 90 by -90