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    Good Morning,

    We're having alot of issues with our M2000 controller. We got it to run yesterday and it ran for about half an hour before one of the main 480v lines blew a fuse. After replacing the blown fuse whenever we tried to move the robot back to home it would show 38666 - Low DC-Bus voltage. Along with these errors.

    38600 - Main Phase MIssing

    38500 - DC-Link over Temp.

    38501 - Bleeder Overload

    38353 - Lost Dr. System Comm.

    I tried restarting the controller properly and the same errors pop up. If someone could shed some light on this situation it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey all,

    I am still pretty new to Fanuc programming and have only learned the basics. I'm on here today to ask how to program a background task.
    so what i'm dealing with is the robot stopping and waiting for a digital input and if it never gets that signal it just sits there and waits until it does. What i'm wondering is how to put a task in the background for it to wait a certain amount of time and if it never gets that signal to go home. If someone could help out i would really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    I was wondering if there was a program out there for Kawasaki Robots like Abb's robotstudio where i could program offline and mainly want to use it to practice because we are getting three new robots and need to understand the language. If anybody could insert a link or just let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    I'm going to take a guess at this. I think its because your lines in the program don't have any names. The lines need to have a name because your position data gets assigned to that name. Right now that there all blank the robot doesn't have any data to move to. Just name them something and then try it again see what happens.

    It does work with any kind of stop because there is two events Qstop and Stop. What i did was i went ahead and made my routine in the user module and put the routine for both of these and it will reset the outputs whenever the robot is stopped.

    Our company currently has three refurbished robots that used to be welders. I basically I-Started the controller to get it back to zero and reprogrammed it from there. I also had to remove all the accessories that the robot had on it for spot welding.

    hey guys quick update i had an issue with drive module not responding so i took it out and the heat sink fins were full of dirt and grease (I'm guessing that's why it was overheating) i did not know about the fins behind the drive module. So i tested it after cleaning it on another controller and it faulted so i had to send it out to get repaired. I do appreciate you guys responding now i know what to look for.

    Hey how's it going. I am on here basically to seek some advice on cooling down my Irc5 robot controller. The unit is located near a metal holding furnace. I thought at first that it may have been the drive module because that what is says to check. But when i opened the door and let it run again the robot ran all day. I just want to see if any of you guys have had a ventilation issue and if so how did you cool it down?

    P.S. I did check the fan units behind the controller and i did clean them up. All are working, but i'm still getting that error.
    Thank you in advance.

    yeah unfortunately looking in the EIO i didnt find a signal like that so basically all i would need to do is enter that code in the EIO and make sure its mapped then i would be able to use it freely. Right?

    So i am writing a program where the robot gets out of a machine in case it gets stuck and goes home. The controller i am dealing with have 5.09 robotware so do not have error handler. I was told that i should make a background task. I made one sort of, but i was thinking what connects the bool i created "Collision" with an actual event of a collision? Or if anybody thinks of a better way for me to deal with something like this any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    Also i am mainly working with a simple material handling operation. Basically grab out of machine, sense, and then place on a conveyor. A collision does not occur to often which is why i would like to put a recovery routine so when it does happen the robot wont be just waiting in the machine to be removed manually.

    sorry for not responding. they're IRC5 controllers and running robotware 5.09. I have checked the controller and did not find the error handler installed. I am mainly looking to get out of a collision error and get the robot going again. I have seen some forums put traps. I mainly want to know how to activate the motor automatically and get out of the area to a safe spot.

    So i was wondering i have been looking up how to do error recovery while robot is in auto and running. From everything i see is that i need to activate collision error handler. i went into the configuration and could not find where it said it would be in our controller. Is there another way to recover from an error automatically without having to use the collision error handler.

    Thank you in advance.

    Our Irc5 robot controller just recently started giving the error 37108 which is,
    Lost Communication with the Main Power and Computer.
    I was advised to swap out the DSQC-662 unit with another since this was the unit with the faulty red light. I changed over and it seemed to work at first. The moment i tried to update the revolution counters the same error came out on the flex pendant. If anyone has ever encountered this please give me some help.
    thank you.