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    Need an advise to solve the problem we got in. Robot is using the nail gun, while nailing, cap of a nail jammed and another nail was pushed on top of it and when the robot was retrieving the gun from the part it broke it and got stuck. Is there a way to limit the force of a specific motion if it exceeds set force limit?

    So in short, we need to reduce force provided by robot to a specific amount in between some points.

    Thank you in advance,
    Paulius Juostas.


    I'm new with PLC.

    Maybe someone could help me to set up it? I'm using RJ3iB controller with profibus slave and S7 1214c dc\dc\dc PLC as a master.

    Managed to connect it and can turn on and off outputs by hand, but no other luck. Would like to send data to PLC from robot program which outputs to turn on and off.



    We are new with robots as well as PLC. Maybe you could provide us with a little help.

    We have Rj3ib controller with Profibus slave and s7 1214c siemens cpu.

    Would like to ask :

    1. It is connected via Profibus while robot is a slave, how to map all the I/O signals?
    2. Is additional programming required to manipulate pneumatic valves, or only signal from controller is enough?
    3. Maybe there is any additional information we could read through?

    Thank you!

    Okay, so found out that those are only terminals and noting more mainly. This robot was bought used, so maybe that's why it came like that, without all proper parts. Right now it is no way connected to the controller, so can I simply wipe all the I/O data, or it is needed? As the person said I have to get the documentation or smt like that where it all goes. How can I achieve that?


    Does anybody has any experience with these kind of, as I understand, I/O board, how to understand which is input, which is output, and do I need these connection going up? Because they go to the bottom part of controller and we don't have such cable to plug them. So could we simply go straight forward from controller I/O to robot without that intermediate cables?


    Managed to reach the point where same measurements is not enough and got into a problem where I need to manufacture different size palettes. There could be 100 or more different sizes of them. Amount of legs and length differs, width remain the same. I have thoughts about programming the process, to take data from side program and form a TP program to manufacture palettes. Would there be any other solutions as importing a drawing, or using any other program besides Roboguide? :hmmm:

    Got really frustrated, because can't think of any other solutions of this problem.

    Thank you for your answers.

    : UTOOL_NUM[GP1]=2 ;
    : UFRAME_NUM[GP1]=0 ;
    :J P[3: Initial point] 100% FINE ;
    :PR[1: Row]=LPOS;
    :PR[2: Column]=LPOS;
    :PR[3: Layer]=LPOS;
    :J P[2] 100% FINE INC ;
    :J P[4] 100% FINE INC ;
    :J PR[1] 100% FINE ;
    :J P[1] 100% FINE INC ;
    :IF R[3]=8,JMP LBL[2];
    :J PR[2] 100% FINE;
    :J P[5] 100% FINE INC;
    :IF R[4]=4,JMP LBL[3];
    :J PR[3] 100% FINE;
    :J P[6] 100% FINE INC;
    :IF R[5]=3,JMP LBL[4];
    :JMP LBL[1];

    Have achvieved to write this kind of program, it works just fine, and I can adjust amount of products in a row, column, etc. easily. But faced another problem... When you put hand written INC function and point coordinates to a simulation program it says it can't reach it so I had manually delete and again insert INC function and define same point as previously. Is there any easier solution to this or it's like that no matter what?


    I'm a student starting to get known with FANUC robots and Roboguide simulation program. Right now I'm using Roboguide handling tool trial without any additional add-ins.

    So I got the point how incremental coordinates work, but how to determine how much columns, rows and layers I have, or pallet tool is necessary to do this? Because it allows for me to determine the step of a cycle and that's all.

    Also how I could add a limit for an increment as it goes till the end of work zone, as it should go from P[1] to P[2] with increments of 100mm. Without defining all the points. Only those 2.

    Thank you for answers.