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    thanks that really helped me a lot . i have conveyortech 5.1 doc that does'nt show me how to add a conveyor and a resolver to the Wv's project but when i'cheked with conveyortech 6.0 doc i found that is clearly shown in it ...BUT the problem now that i dont have the conveyor catalogues to add it can you tell me where can i find it on the net ???

    hi i'm working on a kuka kr16 runing on KR C, V8.2.22, Build 142 ... i've pluged a kuka resolver(mounted on a conveyor ) into the RDC and i wanted to check if this resolver had been detected by the controller or not ? how am i supposed to do that ?? thank you

    i'm unable to do a kuka training ... so can you help me please ?? as i said i've wrote $MEAS_PULSE[] and nothing appeared all it says ''''' what could be the problem??

    HI i've connected my Synchronization switch to the fast measurment input on the x33 and it's working then i've enabled the fast measurment option with WoV BUT when i wanted to monitor the switch on the smart pad using MEAS_PULSE first of all it wasn't already there in the name field the when i've wrote it down and pressed UPDATE it says OBJEct NOT avaible can you help me please ??

    I figured out that in CFCore.XML in the directory C:\KRC\Roboter\Config\User\Common\Mada. i don't have these lines
    <!-- Achse 7 als Position Tracker -->
    <Axis Passive=“true“>
    <Controller ID="7" />
    <IPos Index="2" Channel="6" />
    so i've added it then the robot lost his axes calibration so had to backup the controller and start from scratch ..
    so ???

    panic mode :THX a lot for all the efford
    1)i've read the manual and it says that the two version( KSS and convoyertech )are compatible
    2)i've attached pictures of the robot ,RDC ,the inside of the looks like we don't have fast measurment inputs >>>what to do then ??
    3)i can't really figure out this line a''ctually reset in Conv_follow.src is hardcoded to timer1 which is clearly not right. this works when using default timer but would be an issue if user selects different one. i guess this line should be $TIMER[Z_CONV_TIMER_NBR]=0 instead $TIMER[1]=0''
    4)i'm stuck at callibration step with the problem that figures in screenshots in the krcDiag
    5)i'm cheking out all the configuration files

    Sorry i wasn't aware of that :) all the refrences that i found are :kss :Version: KSS 8.2 SI V4 fr
    krc4 :Version: BA KR C4 GI V4 fr
    and the robot is kuka kr16-2

    HI i'm working on a krc 4 with 8,2 kss version ,i've connected the resolver to the RDC and also the sensor to the controller but when calibrating the conveyor i get an error (MDR: change of device conv1 status from error to initialized not permissible ) so i thought maybe the controller didn't recognize either the resolver or the sensor because i didn't know how to configurate fast measurement input and i don't know how to check the status of the resolver (recognized or not ) and when i've contacted kuka support and sent them the krcdiag they responded: when we have opened « KRC KPP0, CIB + SIB.wvs » we found out that the conveyor option is not activated and the resolver is not detected. try to install the .KOP of the coonvoyer tech on WoV.
    and since then i'm stuck
    sorry for the long paragraph
    thanks a lot for helping me

    hi can you please guide me through conecting this fast measurment inputs..i'm stuck :wallbash:i couldn't find any documentation neither for fast measurment inputs or how to configure the resolver with workvisual.thank you very much

    Wich manual convoyerech ? It didnt mention how to do this fast measumetn thing and im stuck in calibration i have a problem that i mentioned it in conv-msr topic

    Yes it is a kuka resolver and i've conected it to the rdc and i'm using convoyertech but it is not mentionned in the doc how to make sure that its connected right or does it work