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    You have a short, if you were jogging the robot is probably that your short is on the pendant cable or the pendant itself try with other cable. check all fuses, check the breaker behind the main power supply, you have to eliminate the red led ON in the CPS, that also could be damaged. :hi-bye:

    Possible, but if they are working as single robots (3 pendants) you'll need to do some connections and setup to make them work whit one pendant.

    if you already have them working with one pendant create your sequence for the job With this control group R1R2R3:S1 or create one program for every robot(R1)(R2)(R3) and positioner (S1) then create your sequence in a Master program. :hi-bye:

    There is a FD parameter to avoid that FSU alarm, contact your Yaskawa representative since you will need Yaskawa pass, Meanwhile, a quick solution to avoid the alarm is to reduce the robot speed (MOVJ) to 70% where the alarm is happening. Also check the power supplied to the robot controller if voltage drops this alarm will occur too. :hi-bye:

    Hi, the battery inside the robot controller needs to be replaced, But to make it work again you will need to load a CMOS.bin backup, If you don't have a backup you will need to initialize the system but you will need a Yaskawa tech, since I guess you don't have the password for Yaskawa mode. :hi-bye:

    Check your Universal inputs or External inputs the heartbeat should be there, it really depends on the way that the Ethernet board has been set, usually you can see the communication status in group 3 Starting at IN17- IN24. or in External inputs starting at 20060- 20067. :hi-bye:


    That function is called double cursor function,

    The purpose of the function is that when you are running a program in Play Mode if you stop the robot will indicate the line that the robot was running when you stopped, if you move the cursor manually in teach through the program you will know where the robot stopped and if you want to restart in another different line the robot will ask if you are sure. is a protection to avoid mistakes. If you dont have enabled this function, the only way to see the cursor in teach is if its blinking the robot is not in the command posistion, if not its blinking you are in the command position. But I know if you stopped in the middle of a command position your lost. but hey decrease your speed.



    As you can see in your NIF board you have a red spot over the F led segment display that indicares that your battery ran out so the system lose his configuration, you need to repleace your battery and load a CMOS.bin if you dont have the backup you will need to initialize the system.


    DSW means Dedman Switch.

    And Well First of all this alarm could be caused for several things starting for the servomotor you need to check if is not overheated ,check the brake is realesing ok, (in your case the torque is ok so no problem with this) review the 2BC cable to this servomotor check the pins of the conectors, and then we go back to the amplifier or converter or EAXB21 bord. I think this must be a false contact somewhere or overheated servo, when you have a problem with a board you are not able to work due the alarm won't reset until you replace the board with the problem.