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    This morning I've tried to configure a BALLUFF IO-LINK Master BNI005H with KUKA. I used to do it a few years ago without any problems. Now the devices connected to the master are not recognized correctly... wich is completly unexplicable to me. Here a qiuck recap of the configuraton.

    KSS 8.3.38

    Profinet KRC-Nexxt (V3.3.1)

    Master FW 3.3


    Port 0 BNI0087, 1 Input Byte

    Port 1 BNI0006, 2 Input Bytes

    Port 2 BNI004L, Input + 2 Output Bytes

    Port 3 BNI0006, Input Bytes

    Port 4 BNI006P, Output Bytes

    Port 5 BNI007Z + BNI006P, 2 Input + 8 Output Bytes

    Port 6 BNI004L, Input + 2 Output Bytes

    Port 7 BNI004L, Input + 2 Output Bytes

    I've attached also my project and the GSDML

    As you can see some devices are correctly recognized but other not...

    Hi! I'm doing a program of glue dosing. I made the path poins for my right piece... now i need the left one wich is mirrored and traslated from the right. I'm doing this manually using OrangeEdit wich is quite easy but I'm wondering if there is a way to do directly in the program. I mean the translation part is not difficult but the mirroring one could probably not so easy. What would you suggest?

    Hi! I'm programming a simple spline block:


    SLIN XPlasma_T_P2_DX

    SLIN XPlasma_T_P3_DX

    SPL XPlasma_T_P5_DX SLIN XPlasma_T_P6_DX


    I get message Velocity 0 m/s at point XPlasma_T_P3_DX (kink in ABC path)... what does it mean? I want last SLIN, SPL, SLIN before the end to be executed as a single movement... I have another spline with the same sequence but different points and everithing is just fine... any tips?

    Hi! I'm worging with a 150 Kg. Robot and I have 4 different TOOLS. Two of them are grippers. Since I always filled the loading data for each tool now for the grippers they pick many different loads. This number of different loads exeeded the available number of tools so when those two tools bring the load it's loading data changes a lot. Is it possible/advisable to change "LOAD_DATA[N]=" during the program?

    I've expected to work the same way but a client reported me that executing the movement at reduced velocity the trigger has done it's instruction way before the movement conclusion. I tke your suggestion to switch to TRIGGER WHEN PATH... thanks...

    Hi! Is it possible that TRIGGER WHEN DISTANCE written before a single SLIN movement beave in a different way as if the TRIGGER was writte before a single LIN movement?

    In othe words if a write this:


    SLIN Out_Mold VEL = 2 m/s

    Is it possible that "CloseMold" is set to TRUE before the Robot reaches OutL_Mold position? and not when the Robot has reached and complete the Out_Mold position?

    Hi! I've just discovered that in WorkVisual Editor typing F9 it adds a sort of bookmark. Since I didn't see any documentation about that I want to know if it is really a bookmark...

    There is also another thing that boders me. In KSS 8.5.7 HF1 I always find a line at the beginning of .DAT files and it is like:

    ;DECL MODULEPARAM_T LAST_TP_PARAMS={PARAMS[] "Kuka.VelocityFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.ColDetectFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.MovementParameterFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.IsAngleEnabled=False; Kuka.PointName=Away_Prel_TColla; Kuka.FrameData.base_no=0; Kuka.FrameData.tool_no=1; Kuka.FrameData.ipo_frame=#BASE; Kuka.isglobalpoint=False; Kuka.MoveDataPtpName=PDAT49; Kuka.MovementDataPdat.apo_mode=#CDIS; Kuka.MovementDataPdat.apo_dist=500; Kuka.MovementData.vel=1; Kuka.MovementData.acc=100; Kuka.MovementData.gear_jerk=100; Kuka.MovementData.exax_ign=0; Kuka.VelocityPtp=100; Kuka.BlendingEnabled=False; Kuka.CurrentCDSetIndex=0; Kuka.FrameData.point2=; Kuka.MoveDataName=CPDAT273; Kuka.MovementData.apo_fac=50; Kuka.MovementData.apo_dist=500; Kuka.MovementData.axis_acc=100; Kuka.MovementData.axis_vel=100; Kuka.MovementData.circ_typ=#BASE; Kuka.MovementData.jerk_fac=50; Kuka.MovementData.ori_typ=#VAR; Kuka.VelocityPath=1; Kuka.SplineBlockPointName=Dep_ScartoBlendeZ2_DX; Kuka.HelpPointName=P3; Kuka.MovementData.cb={AUX_PT {ORI #CONSIDER,E1 #CONSIDER,E2 #CONSIDER,E3 #CONSIDER,E4 #CONSIDER,E5 #CONSIDER,E6 #CONSIDER},TARGET_PT {ORI #INTERPOLATE,E1 #INTERPOLATE,E2 #INTERPOLATE,E3 #INTERPOLATE,E4 #INTERPOLATE,E5 #INTERPOLATE,E6 #INTERPOLATE} "}

    ;DECL MODULEPARAM_T LAST_TP_PARAMS={PARAMS[] "Kuka.SplineBlockPointName=Verso_Dosatura_Colla; Kuka.FrameData.base_no=1; Kuka.FrameData.tool_no=1; Kuka.FrameData.ipo_frame=#BASE; Kuka.FrameData.point2=; Kuka.isglobalpoint=False; Kuka.MoveDataName=CPDAT189; Kuka.MovementData.apo_fac=50; Kuka.MovementData.apo_dist=500; Kuka.MovementData.axis_acc=100; Kuka.MovementData.axis_vel=100; Kuka.MovementData.circ_typ=#BASE; Kuka.MovementData.jerk_fac=50; Kuka.MovementData.ori_typ=#VAR; Kuka.MovementData.vel=0.25; Kuka.MovementData.acc=100; Kuka.MovementData.gear_jerk=100; Kuka.MovementData.exax_ign=0; Kuka.VelocityPath=0.25; Kuka.BlendingEnabled=True; Kuka.CurrentCDSetIndex=0; Kuka.VelocityFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.ColDetectFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.MovementParameterFieldEnabled=True; Kuka.IsAngleEnabled=False; Kuka.PointName=DepCollaZona1_SX_P13; Kuka.MoveDataPtpName=PDAT39; Kuka.MovementDataPdat.apo_mode=#CDIS; Kuka.MovementDataPdat.apo_dist=500; Kuka.VelocityPtp=100 "}

    Those lines are so long that a warning always appers to remind me the max lenght of one line. It is unclear to me who is writing those lines... but this annois me so much.

    Hi! Probably I expressed myself badly. The Robot doesn't stop in P4 beacuse of an error but it ends it's movement to P4 slowing the volocity perhaps to zero then continue to P4a.

    I expected that a SLIN followed by a SPL inside a spline block was a continous movement without interruption. I've altready used this instead of approximeted LIN motion. Don't know why it is not working here.

    Hi! I have a SPLINE. The Robot is in P1. All the points have the same Z and only different X and Y.


    SLIN P4

    SPL P4a

    SPL P5

    SPL P6


    My problem is that the robot Stops in P4 .briefly then continue drawing the path in the attached picture. The ponis are not close. I tried to move P4a in different positions but without any success. I would expect a continuous movement. Where am I wrong?

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