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    I do not want to exchange jobs. I want to create new file on the robot and write to this file some data connected with spotwelding (ex. Wear of electrodes after every dressing).
    I know ABB robots and there are instructions like (ex.): Open, ReadAnyBin, WriteAnyBin, opendir. So I look for These instruction in Inform.

    Hello All,
    I was search in manuals but I didn't find any instruction with files (ex. create new file, write to it or read from it).
    Is in Inform instruction with files (ex. txt)? I work with DX200.
    Best regards

    Yes, I forgot to write controller generation - it is DX200.
    I checked parameters and it is like in linked post.
    So, thank you 95devils.

    Hi all,
    In remote mode is able to display speed of the robot. It is done by "SPEED ADJUSTMENT". Please see attached photo. I look for this in User's Manuals which I have but I didn't find anything.

    My questions are:
    1. With parameter switch on this option?
    2. Is possible to change this speed during remote mode?
    3. Is the value of this speed some parameter (ex.S2Cxxxx)?

    If anyone knows how it works please write.

    I had the same alarm: 4337 OVERCURRENT(AMP) for external axis (servogun). It was always in the same move instruction.
    I the begining we change SRDA-xxxxx) also, but after 1-2 day error occurs again.

    Check ShockSensorLevel (file no. :smiling_face_with_sunglasses: and add 10-15% to each axes, please. Is valid? If alarm will occur again (in the same point) reduce the speed in this point.
    I did it in our robot one month ago, and at the moment is OK.

    Hi all,

    I have to know current TCP speed and send it to another (external) device using universal outputs - 1 byte.

    My idea is to following:

    ' Step1 - Start to measure TCP speed by analog output
    ARATION AO(1) BV=14.00 V=9000

    ' Step2 - Read TCP speed and save it to I000 - in M560 there is TCP speed
    GETREG I000 MREG#(M560)

    'Step3 - Convert I000 to B000 (at the moment I didn't check is it work properly). My proposal is:
    DIV I000 128
    SET B000 I000

    'Step4: Send byte to universal output
    DOUT OG#(xx) B000

    This is only sketch of my idea.

    This job should work as concurent job to send TCP speed all the time (when robot works). What do you think about it? Is there some mistake in my idea?
    I know that ARATION doesn't work with MOVJ (only MOVL, MOVC and MOVS) - this is one problem. Is possible to read TCP speed when robots execute MOVJ instruction also?
    Maybe is possible to to this in ladder? I work with DX200 system.

    best regards

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