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    hi ,

    i have a problem with a linear rail which fixed with a robot BA006L as 7th axis.

    it was working fine , but after 2 years, the rail is moving to incorrect positions.

    the main issue that the rail is missing the position only after switching off the controller . but the robot arm is not missing the position , because of that i dont think it's a battery issue.

    ex: today the zero of the rail was correct and everything is ok, switch off the controller and come back tomorrow, you will see that the rails is not going back to its zero reference while the values of the encoder are correct.

    some times it shifts 3 mm, sometime 20 mm, the last shift was 70 mm which is too much.

    i also check the motor shaft with the gearbox, they are connected and there are a key on the shaft, so i dont believe there is a slipping between the motor and gearbox.

    any idea please from your experience .



    there is an option in kawasaki should be open. you can ask kawasaki directly to send yout he file which open that option. i believe it's free of charge.

    then you can go to menu--> aux-->arc welding--> arc welding setting--> you will find a new option has been added which called laser seam tracker

    from that option, you will find the laser communication.

    you just need to add the ip address of your laser controller and change the ip address of port 2 in kawasaki to be same and dont forget to change the last digit . ex:192-168-2-100 and 192-168-2-50

    it's very easy to connect it, but you need that file from kawasaki to open this option.

    Dear All,

    thank you for your support.

    actually, yes it happens during welding.

    the robot start welding for 2 or 3 cm then stops and get this error.

    regarding swapping between 2 cells, yes you are right it's an idea, but the machines are hanged and it's really difficult and headache to change the machines or cables.

    thank you.


    thank you for your support and your quick reply.

    actually, after getting this error, i get an error on the welding machine which is ST-OP .

    when i checked the fronius code error ( this error means ROBOT not Ready

    remedy : initialise "robot ready signal "

    but i did not understand what they mean.

    Dear All,

    i hope all of you are fine and safe.

    i have 2 robots Fanuc M-20iA. connected with Fronius TransPuls synergic 5000.

    THE FIRST ROBOT is working fine while the second one suddenly stopped and start giving this error ( ARC-008 Power Supply fault.).

    we have checked everything and compared the signals and data between both robots , everything is same .

    we also checked the Fronius machine manually, it's ok.

    when we tried to make the Power source detect from Fanuc off, we got another error (Arc-006 wire fault ).

    any idea what could be the problem ???

    awaiting your kind reply.

    Dear All,

    i did different trials to get the correct TCP with robot BA006L and RA010L.

    i used the 5 points method and 6 points method , even the CTOOL was used, but i always get the results of deviation more than 0.5 especially in Z.

    after several trials , i got the result less than 0.5 for X,Y,Z in RA010L robot, but the movement of the robot in RZ,RY,RX are not correct.

    always there is a shift.

    then i decided to modify the 3 saved points in CTOOL or 5 points method by comparing them and make the difference between X,Y,Z in these 3 point less than 0.5 and the result of the deviation was unbelievable less than 0.1, but again the robot does not move correctly in RX,RY,RZ.

    even after updating the software of the robot and adding the tool which was less than 0.5 , the movement of the robot became worse .


    if you have any idea for this problem, please let me know.

    Dear Sir,

    thank you for your kind and quick reply.

    regarding the Qtool off, this is what KRG informed us to do and we did it to make sure that nothing change.

    regarding the auto tool , no one has provided us with right TCP data. they only gave us the torch dimensions and from the experience of others, they told us , it's not accurate.

    regrading the physical position of the TCP, i do agree with you. we reach to point that the problem comes from kemppi torch.

    our main problem which no body is believing us that the torch is changing its physical position/TCP by any small force on it such as torch interference by hand or by touching the work piece with very small force.

    and this has happened with us in 2 projects. we never used the torch in real welding. we just finished programming , after that my colleague made torch interference by his hand ( bend the torch by his hand ) then the whole positions have been changed.

    so, do you think that the quality of the torch is bad or there is something else.

    regarding my question ( back to original positions) . we know that there is a new command in kawasaki called tooladjust. but we never used it.

    we tried to use the tool shift from Aux 0106, but it doesn't work.

    any other ideas please ??

    the last thing, it will be really headache and does not make sense that we make new TCP every time the torch touch something.

    because of that i am asking if it's normal in welding or it happens only with us.

    awaiting your kind reply.


    i have a serious problem and i need your kind support to solve it.

    we have RA010L welding robot with kemppi welding machine.

    after finding the TCP of the torch by auto tool adjustment ( by 6 points ). so the TCP is registered in tool

    and to make sure that nothing change, we used in our program QTOOL off and we saved the same value of the tool in a variable (tool1) and call it by tool tool1.

    and after finishing programming of multi pieces by block teaching.

    the robot moved in a strange way and tight the cable and the cable pull the torch, so we got torch interference.

    after this error, all saved positions have been changed/shifted.

    so, my question :

    1- is it something normal that the TCP changes after each torch interference ???? please note that, this is the third time it happens with us, and we reprogrammed all pieces, but we reach to point we can not reprogram, we need a real solution . we do not believe that this is something normal

    2-who has faced a problem like this before ?

    3-how can i back all points to their original positions without reprogramming .

    awaiting your kind reply.

    Hi all,

    i have almost new robot (RD80). when i move it , there is a high and noisy sound from joint 1 and joint 6 .
    they robot was used only 160 Hours.

    any idea what is wrong ???

    i have other RD80 robots and i move them with high speed without getting these sounds while this robot i get this sound on a low speed.


    Dear All,

    Any idea how to activate and use mirror function in Kawasaki .
    I have same piece on right and left of robot and I want to use the same program on both sides.


    Dear All,

    I need your support please.
    I have a production line with C controller -ZD250.

    I changed the capacitor then switched the robot on and it works. Then I switched it off and changed the arm battery and RAM battery and switched it on, and I got this error ( AC primary power off).

    I have backup , but I am afraid to initialize it and load the back up and lose some data or communication .

    Any idea to check it without initialaize it .
    Any idea what could be the problem ???

    Awaiting your kind reply


    Dear All,

    i have a problem with the device net.
    the robot is configured as master.

    1-the 4 lights on the devicenet board : only 3 and 4 are on while others are off
    2-nothing occurs in the fieldbus monitor until i go to the allocation signal -->device net-->and select download, then node 0 becomes green.

    any idea what is the problem ???


    hi guys,

    how can i call programs from welding machine ??

    i have saved different welding parameters in the welding machine and i did the mapping , but i dont know how to call a specific program/parameters.

    any idea ???

    Dear All,

    please i need your help urgently.

    i have NX100 motoman and when i switch it on, the teach pendent shows a white screen only. nothing else.

    any idea ???

    awaiting your kind reply.

    Dear Sir,

    i have linked all the signals between robot and esab machine.
    the robot moves to the WS point then the weld starts but the robot doesnt move, then the weld start again and made some welding bubbles on the sheet but the robot doesnt move . ( 3 times) after that i get this error.

    i dont know what should i do.

    Dear All,

    anybody has used a Kawasaki robot with ESAB welding machine ? it's really important.
    i am facing a problem with this error (E6502) arc failure. and i tried all the ways to solve it and unfortunately i didn't.

    i am receiving signal on WCR input and i am receiving signal for gas on but i am still getting this error.

    if you have any idea, please let me know.