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    I can only think of one reason why your tool data gets " lost". Are you loading a backup that might have that flag turned off? I know that there is a parameter that sets once you calibrate ( I don't have a name/number right now). I can't think of any reason why the controller would erase it periodically.

    There is a buit-in function to measure tool load and center of gravity. On the same menu that you access for tool TCP data, on the Utilities button therre is an W. GRAV. Measure option. This will have the robot measure the COG and Load of the tool by moving the wrist axis on the FWD /key. I think the full procedure is on any of the Operators manuals from Yaskawa. Tool Data setting sections.


    Does anybody know which VRC Version can I use on PickPRO to get a M1iA/0.5SL robot? I can only see an S, and I am lacking reach (plus we do have an SL unit to work with).

    thank you.

    We have and IRB1660ID with 2 external axis, M7 and M8. In order for this system to work as needed, we need to have one of the external axis with the brake applied while the other is running a routine with the robot. Basically, we need the brake applied to the external axis until activated, either by program or by jog operations. ABB Service has talked about an Axis Selector option (this is the first time I've heard about it), and they can't provide enough info for us to be able to validate if it would work or not. so, does anybody know anything about this option? or else, do you know if we could map an "axis activated" signal through a safety relay in order to bypass the brake voltage individually?

    Any help here would be extremely appreciated.