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    If you can hand-carry the SRC or DAT file to the robot, you can do without the DirLoader. That's only necessary if you want to automatically load new modules into the robot.

    I've attached a zip file containing some very bare-bones Python converters I wrote that will convert basic G-Code into KRL (either an SRC or a DAT, depending on which converter you decide to use). Might be useful.

    Python :coeuranime:
    I was doing somthing "kind-of similar" using jopenshowvar.. Long time ago i converted the java code to visual basic to make it easier ( mainly for the GUI )
    Thank you!

    I've used Grasshopper/KUKA|PRC to do this directly in rhino. It just generates an SRC. I think there is a free version now.

    And the robot controller accesses de SRC file directly in the compouter through ethernt?
    I've researched a bit but didn't find much info.

    So, another week, another day rushing things to the limit.
    I have an exhibition soon and my idea was programming the robot to draw something, like the milling/CNC packages or something to use Rhinoceros files ( but with a marker and a white board).

    Anyway, i need an opinion and someone is going to be mad ( i know you're there SkyeFire :baseball: ).

    What's the best option to do something like this? KukaCNC package? - can i use it without PLC btw?
    Open libraries like jopenshowvar ?

    Infos: KR3R540, KRC4compact , the only extra package currently installed is profinet.
    Thank you

    Hello everyone.
    Introduction: first time implementing automatic external in a Kuka robot ( kr16-2 controller KRC4 ).

    1- I add a lot of trouble when trying to choose the program based on the "selected bit" -> PGNO_TYPE 1
    I couldn't select the program at first try. Sometimes after 3 or 4 attempts I was able to change the program. But i never could figure out how or why. It looked like the "synchronization time" was not ok everytime. I was sending pulses like it's supposed to in the integrator manual. Does anyone have a ladder example?

    2- What's the point of using cell.src, if i can run,cancel and start a regular program from sps.sub? Do i actually need the BCO check XHOME or can i remove it?

    3 - Can i simply add code to sps.sub to select programs at runtime, based on the fact that i'll have only 4 progs?
    Something like

    The robot and robot cell are already on the way to the final customer and I'm gonna install it next week. So.. any additional information can either be neutral or very usefull to me :uglyhammer2:
    Thank you

    OK, i made some adjustments.

    One thing that bugs me is: i've add "start r1/cell()" in the line above "run /r1/cell()" in sps.sub.

    And i get this error when i shut down and turn on the robot:
    "start /r1/cell() invalid argument"

    Should i have some delay for acknowledge or something?


    Okay, the command was in the wrong place. I can now start cell. But i still get the message to run in T1.
    How can i manage this? I've tried to use a different "cell.src" but it doesnt let me have more than one, even in a different folder/different name

    So, I've managed to use cell.src and AutEXT as i wanted.
    But now i need to figure out out to not use T1 on startup ( after shutting down robot).

    Can i remove the "Check Home" lines from cell.src? How can i remove or bypass BCO check?
    Or is there any option using sps/sps.sub? I've read the integrator manual again(!!!) and still have no idea.

    I've seen some posts but no major info about it / steps.. :hmmm:

    Great news everyone: It's working!
    $PRO_ACT is always false and $PGNO_REQ is always on , though.. :hmmm:

    No wi need to figure out how to use AutoEXT without the need to select cell.src and use T1 until BCO. That's the point of using AutoEXT..

    I have mapped all inputs to outputs in the workvisual : 2024 I/O's.
    After that i get the error : I/O driver PNIO-DEV -> $In[1025] IOSYS_IN_TRUE/-FALSE configuration error.

    It doesn't look critical because i can move the robot in T1 when i select cell.src

    But when i change the key to EXT to start i get the message $MOVE_ENABLE configuration not allowed ( kss00249)

    Let's start over.
    I've reconfigured the robot project in workvisual for 2032 I/O's in order to use the default automatic external variable values. Already changed the PLC side project as well.

    Now i get the error KSS06503 - I/O driver PNIO-DEV -> $IN[1025] IOSYS_IN_TRUE/-FALSE configuration error.

    Ok. I just tried something like this:
    - changed the $motion_enable value to 20.
    - sent a bool value of TRUE to the input 20.
    - the robot received the value properly ( i checked in the automatic external display I/Os)
    - error message KSS00203 : General motion enable.

    I went to cell.src, tried T1 until the case select sentence but it doesn't work ( i can't move in T1).

    Should i keep the default values and work this way?

    I tested everything with BOOL.
    I'll try what you said in 15min, i'll give feedback asap. Tks

    what exactly you are stuck on?
    how are signals transferred between PLC and KRC?
    how many? do they all work? (changing output on KRC is seen by PLC and the other way around)

    All the signals work perfectly via Profinet.
    P.ex., which robot input is used for the PGNO_TYPE and PGNO_LENGTH? should i send a "normal" array of outputs to $IN[1] p.ex?

    Just 2 programs. I was thinking PGNO type 3, that does not require parity. I think it suits ok this purpose

    Everything's mapped, cell.src programmed and everything.

    Now i'm stuck on the PLC related stuff. I can't manage to send the signals properly..

    Does anyone has a ladder sample? :hmmm:

    8in/8out is very low, it is barely enough to make functional AutoExternal interface. try 256in/256out and map all signals

    That's exactly what i just did.
    Do you have a clue on how do I send the binary number for GNO = 1 ? p.ex.
    I know that i need to send 00 00 00 01, but how do i program an output to do that?

    btw2, do I need to configure anything aditional on workvisual ? Profinet was running ok, i just changed to256in/out and remapped.

    by the way, i think it's better this way, how am i suppose to do the mapping for automatic external?
    I'm using profinet and configured just 8IN/8OUT. It was enough for the program to run as i wanted. Do i need to configure this in the profinet tab as well? I'm a bit lost :flower:

    everything is well described in KSS Operating and Programming Instruction for System Integrators, Chapter 6.11 Configuring Automatic External. You will find there signal diagrams for all cases.

    Next thing you will have to do is prepare "auto home" program, which will bring back your robot to $Home from any other position, but this thing you have to do by yourself. This is problem is much more complex, because you have to be 100% sure, that robot will return to home pos in right way everytime, when operator will hit START button.

    OK, i get it. I've read it already.. I've configured cell.src and whatsoever, yet i don't know the "good practice" to send/receive inputs/outputs like $ext_start, $drives_on etc ( both from PLC and from robot controller! )
    Do you have any sample program?

    Yep, i have everything ready to avoid collision when it's moving towards Home.

    Hello all,

    I have a brand new KR16-2 KRC4 in a cell with different conveyors, everything running smoothly and synchronized in automatic mode.

    They client visited us but does not like the idea of the operators touching the robot smartpad for start and homing the robot when there's a need of SAK reset.

    My question is, how can i overcome this situation using external start?
    I've read all the documentation and yet i have no idea on how to do it.

    I have X11 interface, a siemens PLC 1214DCDCDC and a HMI. I also have a start/stop button for the conveyors.

    I was thinking that i could use that button to start the robot and pass through some errors ( p.ex.: keep the start button pressed to send the robot to a SAK position).
    I have 1-2 , 19-20 connected to a external safety relay ( for the cell doors and stuff). All the other X11 signals are bypassed.

    Can someone help me here? I've never used external start before. Thank you

    Problem solved. The I/O mapping in TIA Portal was wrong.. I was activating the output with address 0.0 (0.1,...) and it was suppose to be address 2.0 (2.1,..).
    Thank you all!

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