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    I have been running in to some issues trying to get it to work.

    This is a IRB2400L M98 S4 controller with 250L double Positioner. (All welding equipment is disconnected)

    I reloaded the software to the controller also loaded the option disk for the positioner this disk also includes the settings for the operator panel and safety light curtains.

    How do I disable the welding equipment to clear the IO error.

    error 20180 System IO restrictions are active for other client e.g. teach pendant or computer link.

    Thank you

    I want to attach an orbital sander it weights about 5 pounds, and use the welding table to load the

    parts for sanding.

    If the concept works and payload is an issue we will buy a new robot with a larger capacity.

    Thank you

    We have a ABB IRB2400 M98 with wolf welding system that we don't use anymore and we are trying to use it as material handling,

    but we don't know if it is possible.

    I will appreciate some help.

    Thank you

    Hi Fabian,

    Our cell is big with many devices each defined with a user frame, I also have a program for each user frame points.
    I wonder what would be easier to install all the devices back in the new location if using the user frame programs or to update the user frames once the devices are installed?
    Also will the robot need to be re mastered when re installed?

    Thank you

    We have a fanuc R-30iB robot cell that we are planning to relocate to a new facility, the robot is on an RTU controlled by the 7th axes.
    How does the robot needs to be prepared before transportation and what is required to install it back in the new location?

    Thank you


    Please help.
    I just installed the PC Remote iPendant option in one of our robots with R-30iB controller, Monitor iPendant (ECHO), Navigate iPendant (CGPT), and Full screen 4D display
    work fine but when I open Jogging iPendant in internet explorer I can only see the robot 4D graphics display and the other two windows I get the webpage cannot be found.
    I have installed iPendant controls, set the jog computer ip in the controller and turned firewall off, cannot figure out what I Am missing.

    Thank you

    I created the cell in ROBOGUIDE from a the robot backup, after I edited the BG logic looks like it is finally working fine the only thing that now when I load the
    cell in ROBOGUIDE I get an error !ROBOGUIDE was unable to automatically apply DCS parameters. DCS parameters can be applied by manually from the teach pendant.
    That this means that there is some thing wrong with the settings?

    Thank you

    Hi all,
    I Am working on a robot cell that was set up by an integrator with four gripper tools on a stand, now I Am adding a fifth gripper
    on a new stand at a different area on the cell, every thing is almost ready the only thing is that I can not unlock the tool, there is an Digital Input tool lock safety
    DI[1001] U OFF [Tool Lock Safety] and it is on only when the robot is close to the current stand and at the new stand it remains off locking the tool.
    How can I add the area close to the stand so it can turn off the safety so it will let me unlock the tool?

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