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    When alarm occur, there are a reset button on bottom of the screen.

    If you don't reset alarm from this screen and change the page, the alarm in on the controller yet and you must go to alarm menu to see alarm and reset it.

    If you need a hardware button in your system, you can use external inputs and connect a key for reset alarm. With this key always you can reset alarm, even if you aren't in alarm screen.

    If i remember the #20013 is for reset alarm and you can connect a push button to this signal to reset alarm.

    For item 1, yes.

    When the controller initialized by two languages, only need to press SHIFT+AREA to change between those. That is possible select only one language when initialize controller.

    For item 2, after initialize controller, all data (jobs) will lose and you need to create or load jobs again.


    You have 3 way to use your needs.

    1. Use Ladder: The ladder is always running (after turn ON it will be run and don't need run robot job). The speed of it more and don't use memory. It can use only when you will check some signals. In this area you couldn't use special instructions same as JOB only check signals.

    2. System Job: That is a Non Group JOB and it is run in background of system. You couldn't use any Motion instructions. That use Memory. It don't need run robot to work only after turn ON controller it start working.

    3. PSTART and PWAIT: This instructions are using when you will run some jobs in different task. You can use this instructions with only one Motion job and several Non Group job. for use this need to use in a job and run robot JOB for working.

    for example you have a Master job, you can write below code in it and run it. both job are running in same time.


    PSTART JOB:MOTION SUB1 (MOTION is a Motion job)






    You define UF's correct on your stands.

    For next step you need to define new standard job (ROBOT JOB) and tech your workpiece on the stand 1. After that you must relative this job and convert it to UF1. (The normal job is in PULSE)

    For relative a job, go to job and press UTILITY menu in top of job content and select RELATIVE JOB function.

    Convert the job to UF1. Now your job is in UF1.

    You can take a copy from this job and go to it. Go to JOB HEADER (i think that was in DISPLAY menu) , there are a field that you can change UF1 to UF2. Now this job will work on stand 2.

    Other way is open JOB in PC with notepad and check every where you have USER 1, change those to USER 2 and save and load on controller.

    If you lose the T-axis data before re-home, it give you a new data for this axis and it isn't same as original plate mounting on the door of controller.

    I don't understand why you lose the home position of your robot, maybe the batteries have low voltage or maybe the servo motor and its encoder have problem.

    I don't know how you did the wiring and use signals.

    For servo ON the signal #40045 must trig, therefore check on the ladder this signal.

    For example you need if the input #20030 turn ON from PLC the servo turn ON too.

    Use below code in ladder:

    STR #20030

    OUT #40045

    Now check your ladder and find #40045 and see how it use.

    Or you can go to "select job" afterward "edit" => select all => job => delete job

    IF use this method, the deleted jobs go to TRASH menu under JOB menu and you need delete jobs from there too. (If TRASH function is active)


    See the manual, it show you some address for gripper ON, Gripper OFF, blow off, part present, gripper close and gripper open.

    You need to map your input and outputs from your gripper to this addresses.

    You don't need any change in the pallet solver jobs for gripper. If you map according to the signals in the manual, all things work correct and don't need any change.

    The abort key or its signal can work when you have error in the system when robot was palletizing.

    If you stop robot by the hold key, you can start robot and it will do the cycle and finish it.

    If you have error in pick/place, you can use ignore or abort signal.

    If press ignore signal robot continue the cycle and error will be reset.

    If press abort (if robot have box), it will go to home and go to reject station, release boxes and come back to home. The build station will be lock and you need to confirm the realese done and unlock build station.

    After that robot will do previous cycle again.