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    Wish I had a couple photos to post . That would make I easier. It's not too hard. I've had to replace a few cables and maybe a switch..Any way there are 8 Phillips head screws to remove one is under a plastic plug that I believe voided a warranty on the pendant. I've actually removed it successfully with a very small control screwdriver. There are two more under the plastic guard that surrounds the drives on off buttons all on the backside. After that there are plastic tabs around the edge of the shell halves. Pop them in with the screwdriver and separate the two halves. The cable is anchored by two straps screwed in to one half. Then the cable plugs into a connector. Reverse order to put it back together.

    You guys are right on target. I think that's pretty impressive considering all of the configurations possible. The Key switch is on the KCP.
    Here's where we went. The shift after mine did what they normally do which is power down pull all of the cards and reseat them, ( no esd wrist strap, bad but thats what they do) . It started at power up and they ran for a few hours. Then the shift after got caught with the same failure. So then they did everything I did until it came back around to me. Where I changed the KCP this time. I was thinking interms of safety like when it will not move in certain modes unless it is mastered . it's been running since the new KCP. So I was wondering if it was the safety enablers on the back . The way I was thinking was if I had bad safety's then it would be unsafe in any mode . I had trouble shot similar issues with the ESC so I got pretty familiar with the theory of operation and the wiring diagram from the KCP to ESC and VGA. When the old one comes back and I get the repair report I'll post the finding to root cause , maybe it will help some one else. I had worked in the automotive industry primarily with Fanuc 2000 Ia's then came here and started working on these Kp180's. Before that some really old 2 axis motoman robots in aerospace. Thanks :yesyesyes:

    We ran into a strange problem we have been working on for a few days now. Originally on another shift the technician was called to trouble shoot the robot for sopping too close to a Building column. He usually will go into the menu and diasable window monitoring , jog the robot , turn on window monitoring , and restart in auto. This time when he went to jog the T1 switch would not allow the operating mode ( spacemouse, Jog ) to be selected because it was grayed out, the soft key wouldn't change it. And in the dialog box it would say it was in an " Unknown operating mode?" . So he tried to power down then back up. He says he lost mastering . So now we had a robot that could not be mastered either because we could not jog it. Setup menu was accesable. The next morning they reseated the cards in the PC and did a cold boot and it came up fine able to jog and remaster. Later they tried to change pendants because it was thought this caused it. When they changed pendants the same conditions occured, no matter which pendant they hooked up. But when they pushed the ESC board reset inside the KRC enclosure ( little black button on board) the soft key became functional was able to be changed . The problem would follow the old teach pendant but could be reset if we put the new one on. Don't want it to happen again without knowing whats causing it.

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