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    I was working on a project using cubic-s and a X Y robot gantry. Y was dual servo driven. To view and monitor zones for a external axis, KRI had to provide a special .as file they made to view the external axis. I have the file, but I'm not certain KRI freely hands it out

    Thanks for the info. It seems like when I import the device xml description file, it can determine the manufacture and communication protocol needed. But then crashes WoV, is this a sign it won't work even though it got imported?

    oh wow, it seams so simple now that it was explained. Yes i have the Cwrite manual but it didn't go about of the requirements of variables for program calls.

    So .... if i have a variable called myprogram[]...inside that variable MUST be runprogram(). i think thats where i was messing up not including the ()'s.


    Thanks, I don't seem to have a issue with manipulation of the string i want to produce.

    To give you a bigger picture, users will generate "one off"offline programs lets say "program_1". end user must enter the number portion only "1". After handshaking and string manipulation, it should run "program_1"

    Im still trying to figure out if its best to launch programs via .sps or .cell....

    what did you mean my statically linked? :hmmm:

    Okay thanks for the good advice, i didn't think about monitoring the status.

    and yes i noticed on my first post I didn't do the STRADD correctly, I called the BOOL and not the actual string.

    Do you think it is just as easy to call it thought the .cell? Of course this would be a even bigger gray area for me, but as long as i know it is "possible" then its worth investigating.

    Greetings, before spending too much time on this topic, I would like to know if it is possible to call a program using a set variable that is declared globally. Using KRC4 controller.

    note this is done in the cell.

    IF statement:
    userinput[] = "20"
    addstring[] = "A"

    concatsum = StrAdd (userinput[], addstring[])

    CWrite ($CMD, STAT, MODE, "RUN /R1 "concatsum[]")


    so my question is, can I run the contents of concatsum[]?

    Wait, where does "I'm using directory loader" come into play here? That looks like 2-3 sentences mashed together.

    The DirLoader allows you to remotely load modules directly into the system RAMDrive, which is the drive the robot actually runs from. Without the DirLoader, Files SMB'd or FTP'd to, say, a directory on the D:\ drive still have to be manually copy&pasted into the RAMDrive using the teach pendant file explorer.

    Just stating I will be using DirLoader, I just need a way to put programs in a folder on the D: drive with out usb stick.

    Does kuka offer FTP software like other robot manufactures? If not Typically how does one throw program files to the controller or D: drive "I'm using directory loader" without a flash drive or mapping the network drive?