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    hi panic,
    yes that 1 is installed on the slot near to the cpu. but now the slot got problem or its not working. so we want to use the 2nd slot next to it.
    but its not configured. maybe there is something inside the robot that we need to change to make it work on the 2nd slot?
    1st slot problem: LED on the LAN port are dead. it cannot connect to X44, x42 and x48.
    2nd slot: LED are turned on(working) but, not configured. maybe. it cannot connect to X44, x42 and x48.

    Thanks panic.

    hi to all,

    Good day. has anyone have and idea to use the 2nd pci slot for the network card? i mean configure it.
    currently we think that the 1st slot is damage cause led of lan port is not blinking or turning on. but when we tried to put it on the 2nd slot it blinking and 4 led are on.
    we have a krc4 controller. the mother board is FUJITSU D3076-K1 V4.6.4.0 R1.11.0 for D3076-K1x

    thanks and regards,


    anyone have seen these errors?or have an idea about these?
    please see attached file for the errors.HMI is not continuing to boot. photos are taken from a connected monitor. Reason for these error'they change the KLI subnet mask from to
    then after did a reboot cold start. that happen HMI didnt continue on booting. NO BACKUP... :mad:

    thanks and regards.

    Yes, that's correct. It would allow you to reduce the total static memory load by only loading the set of programs that you need immediately.

    The problem of individual program size is less amenable to solution, especially on a robot that old. Generally the approach is to use more widely-spaced program points to reduce the total number of points in the program, and to break up complex paths into multiple smaller programs that can be called in sequence.

    You might be able to increase the RAM installed on the motherboard, and then increase the KSS memory size to match, but I've never done this on a KRC1, only KRC2s. And you have to be very careful about your RAM -- VxWorks, as a hard-realtime OS, is much more sensitive to minor timing errors in RAM that Windows can generally ignore. That's one reason that replacement RAM for KUKAbots is so expensive -- it's guaranteed to work with these tight timing tolerances. Regular off-the-shelf PC RAM may or may not work, it's a crapshoot.

    can you give me an instruction how you do it on krc4. wanna try it on krc4. thanks
    thats might what we need. :merci:

    You're speaking of something completely different. The thread was about controlling programs from a remote computer, not loading them.

    KUKA's DirLoader option might work, if your KRC1 is not too old.

    isnt kukadirloader is only for copying and deleting files on a certain path?

    Thanks devilrouse gonna try that later.
    is it the same for krc2 and krc4?

    hello sirs,
    Anyone have tried to adjust the memory of R1 directory?i mean to make this directory larger.
    We have a kuka milling process so we have a huge toolpath or lines on each program like (8modules with 40k lines each).
    When i tried to copy all these files in the robot iam having an error of KSS02713: no physical memory available. any suggestion for this?

    Thank you and regards,

    hi skyfire,
    can you give some sample src file that you covert from g-code to krl?
    cause that my issue now how to make those gcode coverts to krl. or any software that we can use know even if it cost a price.
    thank you.

    Thanks skyefire,

    those things that you mention will be done on testing.i will remember all these stuff that you mention
    do you have any idea about the software that i can use on this project if i cant use powermill for it?

    Hi sir,

    Im planning to try a robot with 3d printing application.i was planning to use the krc4 kr10 agilus that we have here.
    does anyone tried it before? can you give me an idea what extruder to be use and for the toolpath what software can be use?
    by the way we have powermill software for milling stuff right now im checking it if there option that maybe i can use for these project.

    Thank you sirs.

    What is the error message which you are getting?

    Did you check the path by which you can make a restore? Look into KRC configurator and set the path there and then try. Usually, it should be the same as Archive path.


    RS this was the error. and also i think its configured to archive and restore at drive f: how can i change that.
    where can i find the KRC configurator?


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