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    as mentioned, you need code to transfer values.

    one can declare variables in $config.dat but i would not consider that the best.

    i prefer keeping all of my code and declarations in my own files. if something is to be executed in SPS, i put the code in my file and call it from SPS.

    Thanks both for your help, worked a charm. I used SkyeFire's method for testing, however I like the idea of having a seperate file and call it from SPS.


    I'm looking to add more system variables outside of the standard Automatic External I/O. ie. $CURR_ACT,

    Would it be best to do this through config.dat and map accordinly?

    KR C4 controller and EL6695.


    Thanks panic mode although I don't understand the signal transfer between the two devices.

    A basic example of what I’m trying to achieve;

    Bekchoff PLC (Secondary)

    Output1 mapped to DWORD0

    Kuka (Primary)

    DWORD0 mapped to Input1

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi I'm looking to map safe and non-safe IO from a Beckhoff PLC CX2030 (Secondary) to a Kuka KRC4 and EL6695-1001 (Primary)

    Beckhoff (Secondary) / KRC4 (Primary)

    Unlike other EL6695 models, this EL6695-1001 doesn't have Inputs & outputs where I can add variables, instead I have Std.Output/Input DWORD 0 . I have mapped 32 UDINT input/output groups on the Kuka side, but how can these be differentiated from i.e a single byte linked to DWORD 0, 1, 2 etc?

    panic mode please note i have reviewed various threads including this Mapping I/O between : KRC - Ethercat Bridge EL6695-1001 - PLC (codesys) but without success.

    Hi I’m looking for a controller to run our custom welding robot.

    -6 axis
    -arc welding functions
    -pendant teaching control
    -using steppers so dir / pul signals are required.
    -teaching logic and playback

    I have tested some cheap Chinese controllers that do the job, but are just not very refined. I'm thinking the Kuka KR C4 might be a good option or maybe Nidec. Can anyone shed some light into these controllers or another option that may suit.