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    I am trying to use FSU on DX200 controller and my main target is being avoid the tool crash the robot body.
    At Fanuc you could do that with defining tool and create cube on robot controller, when I try to use on motoman it gives the alarm because of when I create tool it alread has robot body, like picture.

    Do you hae any idea to solve issue, how to avoid to crash long tool to robot body with out using axis limitation.

    Thansk so much in advance.

    Hi ;

    Yes even in system job, if you want to put this job to outo cycle, you must need to have *label and jump *label but of couse there are some tricks to use this, like seting parameters etc.
    For example if you use *label in system job you must use "DELAY" other wise your cpu could over load.
    Genearlly in system jobs I use for like first condition of system like reseting IO or counter, or if you want to make some calculation or you could write some IO condition and use it like simple PLC etc.
    Ofcourse you could use it for many things.

    Dear All;

    I made the card connection and try to IO communication with CNC machine, at first it works well with taking DI but after I initialize the robot and made setting again.
    now I could not get or send singnal any more.
    What do you think do I made some parameter set ?

    Maybe I need to explain more,

    1) For CNC machine we need to set up IP adress, Node number, and IO start adress but at robot side we could not set the IP adress.
    2) generally at yaskawa protocol we need kind of PLC program to get signal, it maybe be because I need to use it ?
    3) And for testing I could not find any computer program to test FL-net

    I know it is Japanies standart but I have no coise I need to solve this ?

    Thanks in advance