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    This method is way easier, and you can do it yourself:

    Do yourselves a favor and create a TP program, chose an open register (in this case Register 1 was open) and put in the following code:

    R[1] = $DCS_CODE

    Run that line and look up the value in your Data Registers.

    Dropping the collision detect to 50% increases the disturbance threshold. I would monitor that look for spikes. A lot of things can cause this.....cables, motors , bad RV gear and even a servo amp. When these things suddenly start happening I look for cable damage first especially if the RCC are laying on the floor. I've found metal shavings pierced through the insulation from people stepping on cables.

    Thanks. I should have mentioned, I put the collision detect back at 100% after sending it home and it's run fine since then. Will inspect the cables today if I get a chance.

    One of my robots (R2000iA/165F RJ3iB) just started throwing collision detect alarms on two axes (2 and 3) simultaneously. Looking at the error log, it looks like axis 2 triggered twice by itself earlier this afternoon, then axis 3 alarmed twice, and since then they've been occurring together.

    The operators don't know if it's been occurring in the same place or not. When I got called down to the robot I could jog it fine, but when trying to send it home (auto-homing routine) it seemed to be releasing the brakes then immediately erroring out. I dropped the collision detect sensitivity to 50%, the go-home routine worked, and it's run fine since then (all of about 10 minutes so far).

    What can cause collision detects simultaneously? Like I said, I could jog it fine and I saw the tool drop when the brakes released, so I'm thinking more likely to be reducer or servo amp or something like that that the motor or brake - but I'm far from being an expert which is why I'm asking here. It's 103°F (39°C) in the plant right now so I'm also wondering if something could be overheating.

    I don't have time for a full reply right now, but the following two threads may help you out:

    1st, programmatically cutting circles - your application will be slightly different since you're moving in a different plane but this should give you ideas: Re: Problem with simple circles, is there direct input method for programming them

    2nd, calling a program in a loop - again slightly different application but same concept: RE: FANUC arc mate 120. How to weld with fragments.

    The other thing you'll have to do is in your programmatic arc / spray program you'll have to reverse direction every pass. You can use your loop index mod 2 *(-2) +1 to give you a register that will alternate between -1 and 1 every pass. You can multiply your offsets by this to reverse direction every pass.

    Hope that makes enough sense to get you pointed in the right direction.

    To answer TitusLepic, need to post the software application and version. Posting the summary.dg file from your 'All Above' backup will answer a lot questions regarding this and setup at the robot end.

    If my suspicion is correct (that RPT was the integrator), summary.dg will show HandlingTool as the software application/version but they replaced the shell so the TP will show that Routerware is the software application

    I've also noticed that digital inputs related to the spindle, namely two that define if the spindle is clamped or if the spindle is unclamped, do not update accordingly when it clamps or unclamps.

    My guess is that this is your problem. I'm guessing (and this is just a guess) that you have a karel program running in the background that's turning off the DOs because the spindle shouldn't be running without a tool clamped.

    The clamp/unclamp sensors should be a pair of prox sensors reading the back of the drawbar. Probably under a cover. Check them and see why they aren't reading.

    So your first and last line are a call to a "HOME" program. If I'm understanding you correctly, once the "HOME" program executes the robot won't do anything else. What is in the HOME program? How are you trying to start this program? Why are you calling the HOME program before running your motion?

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