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    That's cool, I haven't heard of the integrated laser yet.

    Personally, I wish they would get rid of all the separate core Tool software versions. Just create 1 core software, FanucTool and create options for each of the different specialty applications. Maybe you get 1 free option package when you purchase a new robot.

    Think about a PLC. It's not like you get different software when you do a different application. You just program it to do whatever you want and have a single common development environment.

    ENET isn't a thing on Fanuc robots. EthernetIP is a thing.

    Are you actually using the EthernetIP protocol with a PLC? Have you purchased the EthernetIP adapter or scanner option and installed it on the robot? If so please list what model of PLC you are using and what model of robot controller.

    I think your only option is to run that Karel program at startup and have a continuous loop, just like a BG logic program, but with a time delay so it doesn't bog down the cpu.

    Then in each loop check if the signal is on to decide if you run your logic. Use one shot logic to trigger it only once.

    In psuedocode:

    While true

    If trigger = on and running = off then

    Do stuff

    End if

    Running = trigger

    Time delay

    End while

    I would be hesitant to do so. I do much the same thing as you describe (repo, ftp, setup program) for quick setup and payload is always manual unfortunately.

    My guess is that it would be ok if the robots are identical in model, controller, software version, and options.

    As always, take an image backup first before you try.

    On the newer controllers, R30ib+, you can have multiple snap tools in 1 vision process. On older models you may have to setup multiple tools or processes to do that.

    What is your grid size? Another option is to create several medium size windows and then sort the results.

    I think you will have to get the correct software from Fanuc, which will cost some money.

    Maybe you are some kind of controls wizard, I don't know, but I have a hard time believing that you will be successful converting the controls. Best bet is to get the correct software or buy a robot that is actually functional.

    Menu>Setup>Host Comm>TCP/IP

    The look at the value under Board address.

    Each port will have it's own mac address, so you can press the F-key for port toggle between them and find the one you need.

    You are right that it requires a power cycle to change the program select method. But when I do that it stays with whatever selection I have made.

    So I assume you are setting select method = other and start method = UOP. Then if you highlight the select method and press 'F3' detail you have to select your main program.

    Are you then rebooting with a cold start? If you are doing a hot start, I'm not sure it will take effect. Make sure you press function>cycle power>Option> cold start first, then cycle power.

    Do you know how to use the Search tool on the web browser? Basically go to that robots IP address, select search tool at the bottom, then search for that variable name in all the programs.

    That variable normally can be changed anytime and would stay put unless someone or a program changes it. Does it work right away after you change it?

    So if I understand correctly, you want to rotate around the tool Z axis, but have that axis offset from the center of the faceplate.

    It should be as simple as setting an X or Y value for the tool frame. If it drifts in x or Y while rotating only the R angle then you must use trial and error to adjust the tool frame until it is correct.

    The only way to determine if it is a mastering issue is to mount a solid, sharp pointer, teach a 3 point method, and see if you can rotate on point.