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    If someone else needs this, I've got the answer from kuka. The were missing arrays to be edited :



    However, the error is still there as it seems that for my sw release it is not possible to have numeric input after tool 16, you have to set tools over 16 manually via $config.dat (This is what kuka customer service told me)


    I have a KRC2 ed 2005. I actually could set the new tools over the 16th, but I had to edit the $CONFIG.DAT and they work fine. The only problem is that I still cannot set the tools with the numeric input from the KCP as I get the error I mentioned before.

    I cannot see where is the problem. Attached is the $CONFIG.DAT, can someone have a look? What am I leaving behind?

    Thanks for your help!

    Ok, I edited all things said and tried to measure one tool using the numeric input. At saving I've got this error:

    The command (module: MEASUREMENT, no: 4 (Index was outside the bounds of the array.)) failed!

    There must be another array somewhere to edit. Any idea where should I look?

    Nice, so could you confirm if the parts of my $CONFIG.DAT to edit are the ones inside the ; TOOL and BASE data section of the file?

    Something like:

    TOOL_DATA[17]={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}
     ... up to ...
    TOOL_DATA[32]={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}

    and the same for:

    TOOL_NAME[1,]="Tool_1 "
     ... up to ...
    TOOL_NAME[32,]="Tool_32 "
    LOAD_DATA[1]={M 50.7466469,CM {X 11.2309999,Y 53.7840004,Z 358.993988,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0},J {X 5.0,Y 5.0,Z 5.0}}
    ... up to ...
    LOAD_DATA[32]={M 50.7466469,CM {X 11.2309999,Y 53.7840004,Z 358.993988,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0},J {X 5.0,Y 5.0,Z 5.0}}

    Are there other arrays I should edit? Attached is my current $CONFIG.DAT .

    Thanks for your support

    it is not the place to get someone to get your work done“ man you don’t need to tell me this...seriously?

    Anyway...beyond this one, the other things you say are Interesting for sure and maybe I would not be able to sort all this out by myself.

    according to info on that product, the only interface options are I/O and serial.

    KRC2 has serial support so if you don't mind writing some programs you can get the data exchanged that way.

    That’s sounds interesting. I found this 2 threads with interesting contents. Any other reference to look at?

    Serial Communication (PC -> KUKA KRC2 5.2)


    Hi there,

    Is there any chance to stream variables actual values to a secondary external custom monitor for a KR150 serie 2000 with krc2 Ed.05?

    Of course I can check variables values on the monitor on the KCP, but I would like to have some variables always displayed on a secondary monitor to have them easily under control.

    Any suggestion? I could not find any post about this topic.



    I currently have my #BASE_1 set as a default reference plane calibrated according to the origin of my working table with Z=-20 from robot origin. When we do millings we have a sacrifical MDF plate on the top of the table (i.e. 10mm). As its thickness can vary a bit time to time, I would like to have a potentiometer which analogue value is read constantly and mapped from 0 to 30mm (for example). Then I would like to have a #BASE_2 which Z Value is #BASE_1 + potentiometer mapped value (i.e. 20 + 10mm). I wonder if I could be able to tune the Z #base_2 value while running a job in order to tune how much the tool gets into the sacrifical plate to get better cut at the bottom of the parts.
    I guess I should have my maths to calculate the #BASE_2 Z value according to the potentiometer input in the SPS.

    Do you have any suggestion on how to get it to work?

    We finally managed to fix the power supplier at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Can someone tell if the internal fan of the kuka 27v nt krc2 power supply must be always on? A technician at KUKA said it must be always on, my technician said that it has two different controls (temperature and current) so it should not be always on. Any feedback?

    thanks. Programs were fine, file size small, memory with enough space. I tested with SPS selected and cancelled. Still nothing. I copy/pasted other files (only one, multiple ones), it worked. Then, I regenerated the programs from Sprutcam, placed them in a different folder and copy/pasted again. It worked. So at least I know how to fix this kind of issue although I ignore what caused it.

    Hi there,
    I have a shared folder on the KRC where we place programs from the office server. From this folder we copy paste to the Program folder to get them compiled. Suddenly, the copy/past procedure freezes while the KCP shows the "inserting file". A Cancel button appears at the bottom of the main window (where you get all the contextual menus options normally) but nothing else happens. Selecting the cancel button does nothing. Also browsing to other folder doesn't work and everything like going to configure, monitor or other menus gets super slow. I did several cold reboot but without any success.
    Do you have any suggestion to fix this?

    Hi Wall-E,

    In my system folder I customised the SPS as to load a sub that performs several checks. Among these I have:

       HSD_LOGIC_SET = 5
       HSD_SPEED_SET = 0
       HSD_LOGIC_SET = 0

    This stops the spindle in the case of the mentioned errors (the specific lines depend on your spindle I/O setup) and if I press the stop softkey.

    1) This happened during a milling. Nothing special happened, just the krc shutting down together with the main circuit breaker
    2) No third parties devices connected.
    3) Past week i've got my spindle failing, a connector of the Schunk tool changer burned and this affected the spindle fan which did not work properly...after fixing everything the electrician took some measures and found 410v coming from the line on all phases, phases even during milling where perfectly equals.
    BTW, the power substation of the neighborhood is 50mt from us.

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