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    Last year, a client of ours asked for a similar study. Controller:RJ2 and robot: 420IF. So there was a pretty old system. I've done some pretty thorough research on that. My client wanted to count the work done statistically and send it to another PLC unit without ever going near the robot. Even though we suggested a new robot, he was a bit of a cheapskate, but he insisted on it. Whether the robot stopped in the Program steps or before the system variable, whether by defining it did not notice any way online instant data transfer could not. I bought an Analog Output module for my robot as a last resort. I prepared a voltage algorithm to see myself work and the desired number of robot" R "data with counting done and" Background Logic " in this data reached my desired values gave Analog output module. These signals were sent to the screen or to the desired location by applying the same algorithm there via a PLC. And did my client use it? Of course, no. Did he drive me crazy? He drove me crazy perfectly. If you have a more likely solution, I suggest you move on from there. Stay away from the RS-232 port except for backup and installation, My Friend... Respects..

    I have an m120i-B robot that uses two external axes. There has been a similar problem. First of all, I don't think there is a software problem. In my robot, the hariki engines were both identical. So I moved my engines first to see if the problem was caused by the servo board or mechanically. When I experimented at very low speeds, it turned out that the problem was caused by the gear of the engine, and I had changed the engine. I think there is no need to change any software variables if it is a system that is already running. If you exceeded your engine stop limits by running too fast, there may have been a mechanical problem..

    The red error led is lit, but there is no error in the alarm menu. I think you should check the correct errors automatically option. Normal running time gives the latch error and reset when the error is removed, but the red led continues to light if your control is defective. When you follow the cable with the lamps in the controller, you will see smd transistors on the electronic card that enable the lamps to light up and the transistor that burns the red LED is leaking voltage.

    The control cable runs smoothly on one of the control panels and gives error on the other, as I understand it. Please check the latch section of the controller that caused the latch error with the meter. If the latch section is running smoothly; when you follow the cable from the latch section, check the "smd diode - possibly M7 coded" elements that pass the signal from the latch on the electronic card again with the measuring instrument. You need to see separate diodes for each latch of the controller. The electronics guy can control them. If the diodes are solid when you follow the circuit will still be SMD 16 or 24 legged door integrated you may need to change them.

    These modules made me work too hard. It works fine when I install the new module. But after a while it starts to make that mistake. Whether you check all your power connections or do the entire configuration again, it doesn't matter. With this given error the robot can work only when you want to give manual movement you need to do a double reset. In this module "I/O Link" port in the continuation of the door integration after a while the communication signal voltage begins to leak. Fanuc good that this integrated market type can be found in the integrated module starts working normally when you change used. As someone who has tried a lot of different configurations and connections, that's my view. Isolating the voltage using a relay at the module inputs and outputs can take a while but then it fails again.

    When you say RJ2, there's still a lot of different controllers. It's hard to describe it that way. The old ones have only one drive card. New type RJ2 some have one card, some have separate module-shaped cards for each engine. It is not only for me to share pictures of the Controller, the cards, and especially the card that gives the error code, but for many people who read the subject will give a better idea.

    I don't know what type of controls you're using, but this error you see may not mean you have to change the servo drive card immediately. First you need to look at it which indicator led on the card shows the error code. Servo card is problematic if 6 shows. But there are problems in the MMC wiring harness if it shows 4 as an example. Cable groups can give this error when there is a problem. Your voltages look normal, but you'll have to look for faults. It also gives this error only for axis 6 or gives it all between 1-6. You need to follow these methods, my opinion.

    You're dealing with a troublesome malfunction.good luck. First, you need to clear error 021. Because 021 Error returns many different errors in the continuation verebiliyor. I found an earlier error 021 by following the method in the picture. It was due to CPU card at another time and Sif modules at another time. You may need to monitor the voltage from the CRM sockets.. I don't think the software installation will be from the software if you installed a suitable software to the robot and Cabinet. At another time this failure robot battery voltages were not reaching the CPU board. Good luck.

    The" Error Joystick " error doesn't matter much. You can remove this error with" Shift+Reset". If the error does not occur, you can change your command. If you do not have another controller, there is an electronic element in the control that has been a problem, I can tell you that. With the help of hot caviar, you can fix your commander. The" Axis Limit " error says that the movement you want to make exceeds the motor limit values. You may need to change the limits from the program or Manupilator settings.

    Your" PRIO "errors probably had a" Fanuc PLC " installed in your control cabinet earlier. This PLC configuration is now unreachable. So a PLC has been introduced, but that Plc is not available now. Complete Disassembled, not working, or may not be connected. But I don't think this mistake will stop the robot from moving. At least you can move the robot by holding down" Shift+Reset " and ignoring the error. The" SYST-037 " error means there are no UOP signals that should be present. Probably your remote switch is malfunctioning. You can open the control and control it by looking at the picture I sent you. You can experiment by temporarily short-circuiting cables for the" ON " position. The robot will not move without removing the" SYST " error.

    The" MCTL-003 " error has nothing to do with the safety circuit. He tells you that you have to fix them first and then try robot movement because you already have other mistakes. There are other errors, and these, he says, prevent the robot from moving. RJ2 robots made me tired of being an electronicist. Looking at his name, I think he's in my country. I try to help.

    I do not understand how a 1.5 V battery can be removed from the new box and installed. One of the new batteries installed on the robot is defective. Sometimes a total of 6V seems to be 5.2 V in the control with the measurement tool. So no matter what we do, we don't have a healthy calibration. Now I have another problem. I calibrated zero position master on my robot. My robot works my way. I get a "MOTN-063 position config change" error when we want to run programs previously. Is there a way to fix this problem without reinstalling programs?

    Hi SHIFT_Lock,

    Before your answer, I sent a message to our friend Racermike123. Because my robot's batteries were completely dead, he described a method like "Pulscoder reset=RES_PCA / CYCLE start / CALIBRATE". So he tells me to make a new calamity. Although our robot probably gave one or two "srvo-062" errors, it continued to work and finally the batteries were completely discharged. My robot has backups of "all of above" files. I turned on my robot in "control Start" mode. Old backup "" load file. I continued with "FCTN/Cold Start". I did "$Master done=true". When I did "Master/Cal=calibrate" I received the message "Calibrated". I get a "srvo-038" error when I want to move. Now I want to try something like this. After opening "Cold Start" Mode, Click "Master/Cal=RES_PCA then cycle start". When the robot is turned on again, I will do "$Master done=true". Then I'il do "Master/Cal=Calibrate". See how that goes. I continue to work on. :wallbash:

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