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    Olen jo joitakin vuosia käyttänyt tätä foorumia aktiivisesti robottiongelmien ratkaisuun ja kikkojen opetteluun, mutta nyt vasta huomasin tämän ketjun :smiling_face: On muuten ollut _erittäin_ paljon hyötyä tämän foorumin olemassaolosta.

    Valmistuin kesällä automaatiotekniikan DI:ksi ja toimin teollisuusrobottijärjestelmien käyttöönottajana. Olen kuitenkin jo useamman vuoden tehnyt alan töitä ja vapaa-aikanakin tuli robotteja harrastettua yliopiston kerhotoiminnan kautta.

    Eniten minulta löytyy kokemusta Fanucin, KUKAn ja ABB:n roboteista. Lisäksi olen hieman kikkaillut esim. Yaskawan ja UR:n roboteilla työn ulkopuolella.

    Thank you for the reply!

    Unfortunately the controller was turned off and I got the alarms when I turned it on after a weekend. So I have to remaster when I have new batteries.

    It's a R-J3 controller (i-cabinet=two separate cabinets).

    In this robot the batteries are not exactly in the base like for example in LR Mate 200iC but they are kind of inside/in top of axis 1.

    I think you are referring to this part: A98L-0031-0027 with the 4x1.5V batteries which is again for example for LR Mate 200iC. But since the robot had 4x3.0V batteries installed (and it worked) I think this older model must have had 3.0V or 3.6V batteries originally.


    Of course when I'm in a hurry the robot's batteries fail... We bought this robot used and someone had put basic 3.0V CR123A lithium camera batteries in to backup the encoders. I changed them to similar ones (around 1500 mAh) and they lasted only half a year.

    I don't have the robot manuals. Based on the battery holder the original batteries must have been size C. I'm wondering which battery type is the correct one because 3.0V C size batteries are not that common (they are usually 3.6V). Maybe the original ones were C size 3.6V and someone has put wrong voltage batteries in?

    Thank you for the reply.

    Yes once it boots up it does stay running. Infact I don't dare to turn it off anymore but keep it on at all times...

    I have to first try the reseating and if it doesn't help then reloading the software!

    How could I connect a microphone to (ABB IRB6400R) robot I/O to detect if sound level is high enough? Which kind of microphone should it be? Do I need a signal processor or something in between?

    We would use it to detect if a nailgun (EOAT) is jammed.

    But when I was in the controlled start menu it was in the list and I was able to "start" installing it. After that it asked for the A2 disk.

    Hmmm.. The controller has the Auto/T1/T2 key so what should I do now to get the alarm off? Which robots do you think my i-cabinet R-J3 controller could have been used with before?

    The robot has been bought used and no manuals/software/backups came with it... Just a little while ago I was given the task to get it running (atm to also get it milling with a small spindle). Apparently the controller has been used also with a Fanuc S-430iF(?) robot because it had some programs with comments citing it. Also some circuit boards etc. were given us separately so I'm not sure if they are originally from the same controller but they seem to work.

    The alarm has come ever since I first booted up the controller. I don't know when is the last time the robot has been running before it came to us. The alarm doesn't come when the controller's key is in Auto position so the problem is almost certainly the same as with Harleydude I think. Is the only solution to install the option? Because again I think it is not possible for us via Fanuc knowing some of the prices.

    I'll describe shortly another problem we have if you happened to be able to help: When I jog the robot with a speed over ~20% I sometimes get a collision detection alarm. I have defined they payload and even if there's no tool attached the alarm comes. Should I change the axels' grease?

    Hi! Check out this thread:…ler-now-i-have-errors/30/

    I think the reason for my error is that one (my controller has an Auto/T1/T2 switch but it doesn't have the Control Realiabe software option for it). I also have an upper and lower cabinet.

    I just hope Racermike123 or someone could help me to get it from somewhere.

    One thing to note, I'm still able to jog the robot. When you press down the dead man switch, while it's still down press the Reset button. It should reset the alarm and put on the servos and you should be able to jog.


    I'm lucky I found this thread. I have the exact same problem with the SRVO-105 Door open or E.Stop error. I also don't have the option "Control Reliable" installed although my controller has the Auto/T1/T2 key (I don't understand how that can even be possible...?).

    If I press "Install" when in the menu in Controlled start, the TP tells me to "insert a2". What is a2? Could I get the option from somewhere without making the expensive call to Fanuc because I think it is not an option for me :icon_frown:

    :biggrins: I cannot believe that it worked. I could have sweared I tried that multiple times... Thank you very much!

    I managed to make a robot.ini not from the LrMate200i backup but from the virtual robot workcell I created with Roboguide. Now I can translate .LS files to .TP files.

    The virtual robot is with V5.30 and my physical robot with V5.21 but I think it doesn't matter much...?

    EDIT: If someone tries this, I must add that when using the FRAddRobot.exe (which must be used before using setrobot.exe) with a virtual robot workcell created entirely with Roboguide, don't use the "Create" virtual robot command but "Browse" or "Add" and browse for your robot system folder e.g. "Robot_1".


    Our S4C+ controller is having boot problems which are becoming more and more common. Now it booted fully to the system not until on the 14th attempt... First when these troubles began it usually went thru on the second attempt, then on the fifth, etc..

    The status led on the CPU flashes red indefinitely. Also in the teach pendant it says "teach pendant communication lost". The manual says "the status led will continue to flash red if no OS or mass storage memory is found". On the same manual it also says "POST failure. Check main computer board, internal cabling and PCI boards".

    I think one time the status led went from flashing red to flashing green (in between there was some hdd activity also) and this is the case when booting normally. But that one time the status led did not change to steady green like it should and the system did not boot up fully. The manual says about this: "Failed to start-up the system. Check flash disk (possible data corruption". I just wanted to write this also if it could help with troubleshooting.

    Would there be any "easy" troubleshooting to do first? Could something as little as a bad controller battery have an effect?

    If somebody knows what could be the cause, please help! Thank you very much!


    Actually I don't have a program file yet but I plan to make toolpaths for the robot with a CAM software and a post processor (or buy the ready-made file). That is why I need to be able to transfer files to the robot.

    I'm using Windows 7 64bit version. I tried Windows XP installed in VirtualBox virtual machine with Roboguide 6 and 7. At some point I always got some kind of an error, I think particularly because I don't have a V5.21 virtual robot controller and I don't know where to get one.

    That would be very very nice of you if you could make a robot.ini file! So my robot is LrMate200i with R-J3 controller which says it has V.5.21P/F4 software. I think it only has Handling Tool "option". If you need to email the file my address is jorikoo(the-email-sign)

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