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    Digging into this KRC4 Compact controller again after the break. Controller boots perfectly from the recovery stick. Went on to restore WIM in silent mode. Did not help, as I'm still caught in loop, Flashes "KUKA screen > Windows Starting" repeatedly. Should I look at failed memory stick? Start unplugging other components to isolate reboot issue? Any insight would be appreciated.


    Thanks to all for responses. ATX power supply just tested clear so it looks like the board has to be swapped out. Dust is unavoidable around here as we do a lot of milling. Controller is mounted underneath the robot on a mobile cart. The external coarse fan filters just weren't enough. Four years was a decent run, but the failure was most likely avoidable. Will have to modify cart so it's easier to pull out controller for proper cleaning in the future.

    Hello -

    Started getting texts that our KR6 Agilus was down last night. Came in to find that the teach pendant it was repeatedly pinging the KPC with no response. The external monitor was also down. Tested several more monitors and cables before pulling the controller out of the rack. It did have a fair amount of MDF dust built up inside. However, the controller will boot up with fans running. The NIC leds are lit, but internal EK1100 shows there is no communication with KPC. Drive tested ok. Pulled it to clone. Is it common for these Fujitsu mainboards to fail?


    Yes, digits were missing. I was writing from memory on Friday. Just got back to the shop.

    The KRC4 controller is running KSS 8.3.8

    Missing KOP files are:

    KRC4 EtherNet/IP 2.0(V2.0.1)
    KUKA.RemoteService 1.1(V1.1.1)

    These are the errors:

    -12:51:44 PM Following option packages used in the solution are not installed in WorkVisual: KRC4 EtherNet/IP 2.0(V2.0.1), KUKA.RemoteService 1.1(V1.1.1). If you want to use them, you have to install the option.

    -12:57:35 PM Error in DTM EtherNet/IP: The Ethernet/IP Communication DTM is assigned to network card '{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}' which is not installed on your computer. Please adapt the DTM configuration.

    I'm stuck on the turntable install until I get this sorted. Is it possible to pull KOP files off another controller running the same KSS version?

    As for the $700 USB Recovery Stick. It's the actual stick that's missing. Not just the backup. Someone must have wanted a flash drive with KUKA on the side.

    Thanks again

    We have used Arduino to control a stepper driven extruder with our KR6. However, we did it through a Beckhoff I/O. We used an EK1100 coupler and an EL2809 output module. The output signal from the controller closed a dry-contact relay. This triggered the Arduino and kept the voltages isolated. It's not a KRC2, but the principal is the same. Latency was not really an issue for our project.

    Started integration of a MGU3900 to our KR120HA this week. Our dedicated WorkVisual laptop began crashing whenever the program was launched. Thought it might be a simple fix as all of our work was archived on the controller. Brought in a new tower with a fresh install of WoV 4.0 thinking it might be the answer. After loading the DTM catalog I discovered that we were missing the KukaOptionPackages folders for Ethernet/IP 2.0 and RemoteService 1.1 the the D drive. SafeOperation 3.2 was the only one in the proper place. Is there any download site for these files? Our controller backup on the $700 USB drive has disappeared. Need to get this turntable going so any insight would be greatly appreciated.


    Currently working out this issue for a KR120. Our spindle reach is very limited without a turntable. Our cabinet has the 7th/8th axis option. Looking to use the planetary assembly out of a spare transfer case. Have been searching for the correct servo for use with the KRC4. Pulled the data off a KUKA MGU. That's a 1FK7100, $2500.00 new from Kuka, used is a $1000 from Poland. My concern is setting up the the 7th axis kinematic with the planetary ratio. There is parallel thread where Panic Mode mentions that the entire setup will have be be fine tuned with an oscilloscope.

    Running a HSD ES915 spindle and Schneider VFD on a KR120HA. I'm controlling the power to the spindle via the Beckhoff i/o. However, the speed is set manually on the VFD. It has the option of automated speed control using a 0-10v input. Has anyone set up a Beckhoff module to control through the KRC4?


    Been running our cart mounted KR6 R900 on an external Beckhoff setup since new. I now need to move the external setup over to our new KR120 to control a tool changer, spindle and plasma cutter. Want to start using the KRC4 compact's internal Beckhoff to run the spindle contactor and external valves on the cart's din rail. I've already mapped the signals in WorkVisual and i"d like to run an i/o breakout box from the DB50 plug to the left of the X55. Trying not to pull the entire controller out of it's rack mount to trace wiring. Would anyone happen to have a pinout diagram for that plug? It would be much appreciated.