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    I am going to take another shot at this one, because I am very stubborn.

    Trying to load the old program to the controller (via compatible mem.card which i have used many times before, and since)
    SCIO-016 Program uses uninstalled option

    But I did not uninstall any options since creating the program and I cannot figure out what to do.

    I have created, backed up, deleted from controller and reloaded tother programs in the same way and I am not having any problems.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys.

    alive15, On the initial backup, I did an AOA backup. I used an older memory card which has always worked in the past. I have also run into the problem with larger capacity cards not working, but this one has always worked. And in fact, it has worked since with other backups.

    Skooter, thanks for the heads up. I do weekly AOA backups, and they were fine before, and have been fine since. The rest of the files from that particular AOA backup are fine. I have tried creating and backing up new programs since then and I am able to load them back to the controller without issue, so it was likely a one time thing. Only that particular TP file isnt loading back to controller or to Roboguide.

    It looks like I'll just need to reprogram it. Perhaps its time to exit the dark ages and invest in decent offline programming software.

    Hello everyone,

    First off, I am sorry if I am not up to speed on advanced programming techniques. I am programming relatively basic welding programs on an old RJ3iB and I have run into a problem which I haven't seen in the 6,5yrs of working on this robot.

    I created a welding program by normal means. Nothing elaborate. When I finished, I backed up the program to memory card, as I always do.
    When it came time to use the program, I attempted to load it from the memory card and I got the following:

    SCIO-016 Prog uses un-installed option

    Attempting to load it to a current backup in Roboguide gave the same message.
    I tried loading it to an older backup in Roboguide and also received the same alarm.
    I have not been messing with any of the installed options, and I cannot figure out how this has happened.

    Does anyone have any hints as to what I can do? Any ways in which I can see what changes in installed options? Since I cannot figure out how to load the program to controller, or roboguide, I havent been able to figure out what has changed.

    Thanks to all

    Hello. I'm afraid this is going to be a question with a wide array of causes and I am not able to give enough info.

    I programmed a weld program via TP. Once finished, I backed up the TP file to a computer and it was deleted from the controller. When I tried to load it to Roboguide, I got the SCIO-016 Prog uses un-installed option alarm. I then tried loading it back to the controller and I got the same message. I did not disable any options as far as I am aware. I cannot think of any reason I would be getting this. Also, is there no way to at least load the program to Roboguide without getting this error?
    RJ3iB - M-16iB 20
    Software V6.10
    I appreciate any ideas or insight. Thanks