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    I cannot remember accurately, but my CS8 controller looked a little different inside. Mine did not have a battery but a capacitor instead. When I reached a BIOS hang up, I left the controller on for several hours and it then booted up fine. We call that process "out gassing" .
    I then got a STARC card error. I will not go through the details, but the Staubli software designer requires the fiber optic lines to be in optimal order. I replaced the fiber optic lines with a pair of lines that run directly from the STARC card to the robot base. I eliminated two junctions in each line and the pair cost about $100 delivered from a company that matched the connectors.

    My robot was used as a prototype and had only about 100 hours on it. I was told that the company that used it was a state of the art robot company. After I was able to get through their passwords. I looked at their code and I was not impressed at the simplicity of the code. It consisted of only movej, movel, waitEndMove and a few DIO commands.

    My system uses the robot as a slave. It receives about 10 coded commands ( a bunch of if/thens, it is very simple) moves if needed and returns position and a few status bytes all through the serial port. I have a vacuum pick-up, clamp and a renishaw probe on the hand.

    Good luck getting your robot operational.

    We have a robot arm up and moving. We now need to send and receive data through the serial port. I had no success with the TCPIP. I am using portSerial1 and I am able to send "data" from the PC to the CS8. Using putLn(), I get the text value.
    I see that there is an sioGet(), sioSet() and a few others in this area. Would someone please provide an example using these codes or similar to allow full duplex data transfer? Thank you very much.

    I have an older Yamaha yk640a SCARA, RCX142 controller, a matching pendant for the controller, and a research assistant wanting to learn. The SCARA and controller do not match. The Scara has Sanyo servos. Other than replacing the connectors, are there other reasons as to why these two will not work together. Thank you.

    Thank you very much TygerDawg for your prompt response.
    That was a typing error with the for next statement.
    I am only able to move the arm (rs60) in Jog mode

    I just started a very short program.
    I open Val3 7.2.1
    Under New Application, I enter" HelloRobot"
    I right click under HelloRobot and add New Program
    It is also named 'HelloRobot"
    It looks like I have three files in the HelloRobot family, namely:

    Inside HelloRobot() between begin and end, I add the following line.
    popUpMsg("Hello Robot World")
    I open the start folder and add the following between begin and end:
    taskCreate "HelloRobot",100,HelloRobot()

    I also tried call HelloRobot() and both of these together. I got the same results in all cases.
    I click the Upload All Applications.

    I get the following:
    Version 's7.2.1' of the emulator does not match version 's6.5' of the controller.
    I enter "OK".

    Using the pendant and/or the PC screen...
    I select Application manager
    Val3 applications
    HelloRobot (it is set as manual.)

    I get the following error in a box:
    HelloRobot - Invalid application:
    check program parameters in call()
    or spwan instructions.

    And I do not know what spwan means. Is it sp-wan?
    I cannot find it in the instructions.

    I also tried autoload and autostart as well.
    All other files I have created are in manual mode.

    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you.

    I tried to write a simple program today. I get the following error on the pendant. (Invalid application: check program parameters in call() or spawn instructions. )
    I copied the program from the manual. I named it robb.
    In robb is the following:
    for nPos = -90 to 90 step -5
    jDest.j3 = nPos
    The parameters are dimensioned as follows:
    and the local...

    The start file contains the following:
    taskCreate "robb", 100, robb()

    After I try to load it in my application manager, I get the following on the VAL3 Studio screen:
    TakeFeature "207". Status: "ContainerNotFound"

    I tried to make an init() file and add NPos =0 but I cannot seem to find it in the same folder as robb and I get the same results.
    The controller is the CS8C. I am using VAL3 ver 7.2.1 to generate and send the files to the controller and the controller has ver.6.5.
    What am I doing wrong here?
    Thank you.

    I have a Staubli RS60 robot with the CS8C controller. I am wanting to integrate this arm into an existing system. Presently my system uses and my existing controller has a CAN bus system.
    Is there a way to operate this system directly without using the VAL3 software system? I would like to use the Staubli as a slave system and control through a LAN port or CAN port.
    Thank you.

    I just purchased an RS60 with a CS8C controller. The previous operator changed the default passwords and I am locked out. I am trying to track down the previous operator. In the interim, is there a simple way to reset the passwords to default values?

    Let us start with the motors. Older motors can use a DC brush motor. These motors can whistle while they work. They are being phased out. Today, many industrial motors are three phase AC. The motor is powered by three wires each with a sinusoidal varying current. The motor today is simple in design with only one moving part. However, these motor types only operate by induction due to a change in magnetic field in the coils. Now to make a motor move slowly, The three sinusoidal current wave forms are chopped into a bunch of segments. The chopping of the segments produces torque by induction. Since there are three wires with chopped sinusoidal current, the whistle is gone. There are other factors but I am only covering these.
    Now if you add an encoder, your motor becomes a servo system or servo.
    Lower cost servos are incremental. It outputs leading and trailing square waves to denote motion. There is also an index point that is absolute say at 0 degrees. If you keep the encoder powered at all times, one can keep track of the current position. The software can use the index point as a confirmation. For example, if the index appears at the wrong position, an error may occur.
    A more expensive version is an absolute encoder. It always gives the absolute value of the position. Many absolute encoders start over say at 0 degrees. Therefore they also require a power source such as a battery to not get lost when not in operation
    Also, absolute encoders can output other factors such as temperature and other conditional factors.
    The more severe duty robots will operate at a higher voltage say ~200-440 volts to avoid that joule heating thing.
    Some servo sets such as a robot arm may group all of the encoder signals together and transmit the data through a single bus. Some even use fiber optics for high speed data transmission. With this method, one can have three power wires for each servo and only about 5 or 6 more for all of the data feed back.

    A robot is made of three parts: servos, controller, and framework. Many companies will outsource these components. Any good servo motor brand will be found in robots and the same goes for encoders.

    I am not having any luck finding a controller for my Staubli RS robot. After some investigation, it looks like a standard controller with the following specifications would work well. Here is the list:
    Operating voltage 320 V
    Power requirements 800W, 800W, 400W, 400W. It is a 4 axis SCARA
    Encoder type: absolute, single turn using EnDat 2.2 protocol.
    Easy to program using drivers so I can use VB and control with my PC.
    Does anyone know of a controller that meets these specifications?
    Thank you.

    I have a Bosch IQ200 controller. I am looking for the CAN bus commands that communicate with the axis outputs. I want to bypass the Bosch CPU and use a modern PC to control the axes through the CAN bus. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of these commands?
    Thank you.

    Did you ever get your SCARA operational? I have a Staubli RS80 and the Bosch IQ200 controller. However the connectors do not match. The IQ200 has the 3 phase power wires for each servo on one connector and a separate connector for the servo position feed back.
    My Staubli has a single rectangular socket.
    What type of connectors does your SR4 have?
    Thank you.

    I recently purchased a used Staubli RS80. Included was a large pedestal robot stand and a IQ200 controller. I really needed the stand as I can use it for any SCARA system. The RS80 looks to be in great condition and I would like to use it. The connectors on the ends of the motor supply and motor return cables are missing. Does anyone know if the IQ200 will drive the RS80 properly? If so, where can I get a wiring diagram? Thank you.
    I am also possibly looking for a CS8C controller for this system.