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    Dear Experts!!!!

    I have two robots , MS100/MH110 - DX200. I am using them for handling application.

    I am giving "INTERFERENCE 1 ENTRANCE PROHIBIT" signal from PLC to both the robots.

    When I was testing it, the robo did not stop outside the cube (It did not wait for the signal).

    Now when I troubleshooted, what i found is "THE DEFAULT LADDER IS OF ARC WELDING"

    and when i went more deep, what i found is #70030, #70021, #70022 are coming very much fine but robot is not stopping or waiting.

    Then this thing came into my mind. :

    1. My robo is initialized for handling applications.
    2. 70022 (EXT HOLD) for handling : it should at least hold
    3. 70022 (SEQ. PGM WAIT RQST) for Arc Welding : it should wait outside cube
    4. 70022 (----------NOTHING---------) for spot welding : it should not stop anywhere ---------> This condition is happening.

    So what my doubt is : How my robo get to know which "internal signal" to use. e.g. what to do with "#70022"
    and how these internal signal are linked with robo physical functions?

    So in nut shell : My robo is used for handling purpose, it has a ladder of arc welding and its working on spot welding "internal functions - #700XX"

    How can this be possible.

    My mind is not accepting things : Can anybody please explain in simple English. I would be highly thankful.

    Its done!!!! :toothy9: :icon_mrgreen: :icon_smile: :biggrins: :yesyesyes:

    What i did is : I just noted T axis pulses and compared it with 360 degree.
    I came to know that in my robot 645 pulses is 1 degree.
    Now my Theta (angle in degree) is coming in one I (INT) and then I multiplied it with 645 and stored it in one D (Double INT)
    Then I moved this D into P (6) (Pos. variable, T axis) ( P is in "Pulses")
    Then I used IMOV command to run my T axis only.

    I think it is a right method to do it. Is it? :dance2: :hmmm:

    Dear Experts!!!

    I have one DX200/MH110 communicating Mitsubishi PLC over cc-link.

    I wan to send double register from PLC to the robot.

    when i use GETREG command to read from M register it takes only INTEGER.

    I want to transfer value of around 7 digits.

    can u please guide me how can i do it.

    Thank You.

    Dear Experts!!!

    I have one DX200/MH110.

    I am transferring data coming from Camera to Robot.

    Theta. (I am putting it in Rz and running it through IMOV command)

    When I run my robo it is not only rotating but also changing X and Y locations.

    What I want is in theta, my robo should rotate like it is rotating in Individual axis mode (T motion)

    Please help.

    See I have a vacuum ejector which i am doing ON with R03 (Wired from EE connector) . Whenever this R03 gets ON, Vaccum gets ON and when this gets OFF vacuum gets OFF.

    Now I have a separate Safety Curtain which is connected (H/W) to dual safety circuit (EMGIN) to controller board.

    What is happening, Work piece is getting sucked at step3 (let us say), Now sometimes (let us say due to some reason) Safety curtain is getting ON at step 5 (let us say). That time R03 Gets OFF (This should not happen).

    R03 has nothing to do with Safety Circuit (H/W). Am i right???

    R03 is not interlinked with any other I/O.

    BG logic I have made so , It has no program related to R03. I am sure about it.

    Hello Experts!!!

    I am using R30iB mate controller with 165F/2000iC manipulator.

    R03 is my output to suck the object with the gripper.

    Whenever emergency from safety curtain is getting operated the output is getting off . I don't want it. How can I hold the output to ON condition when even Robo is moving in Auto and safety curtain operates.

    Solved..Found the problem.!!! :icon_rofl: :yesyesyes: :flower: :dance: :dance2: :bravo: :hi-bye: :applaus:

    Actually when i did CC-link configuration, i press enter and then modify and enter.....!!!! (Till here it was okk i did right)

    Now this I/O board configuration comes where it shows YSF21 and CC-link card head address...Then I restarted the Pendant. (This I did wrong)

    Here also i had to press enter and then modify and then enter.

    Dear Experts!!

    Hello!!! :beerchug:

    I have one MS100/MH110-A00, DX200 Controllers.

    I am communicating my robot with MITSUBSHI Q06UDV PLC over cc-link.

    I have done cc-link setup of that robot in maintenance mode like : Station occupied : 4, Station no. 1, B.Rate : 2.5Mbps etc.

    Now i doing diagnostic of cc-link in my PLC and its showing perfectly fine. IT IS NOT SHOWING ANY KIND OF ERROR.

    When , I turn on my 1st bit of cc-link, #20070 gets ON. I turn on my 16th bit of cc-link, #20087 gets ON.

    Now when i turn on my 17th bit #20090 does not get ON and so on, none of the bit gets on after 17th.

    I faced this kind of problem very first time. What can be the problem. :waffen100: ??? :tired: :hmmm: :bawling:

    Dear Experts!!

    Hello!!! :beerchug:

    I have two MS100/MH110-A00, DX200 Controllers.

    I have managed to program each and everything on one robot i.e. Ladder editing, Teaching, I/O sharing over cc-link etc etc...

    Now i want to put the CMOS of this robot into another one. When I do that I get an error "Checksum error".

    Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?? :waffen100:

    Dear Experts!!!

    I want to hold my robo at anywhere by pressing a button from HMI and start it from there point only by pressing another button from HMI.

    I am communicating my ROBO with Q06UDE PLC (mitsubishi) with cc-link.

    Dear Experts!!!

    I want to give my speed override (like overall speed in FANUC) of the robot to the HMI

    I am communicating my ROBO with Q06UDE PLC (mitsubishi) with cc-link.

    I have 16 shared registers between PLC and ROBO.

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