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    Hi everybody!

    I have a problem using CRM79 port of a RJ3iB Controller, I configured correctly the software parameters (Rack, Slot and Start Point), in fact I can use Inputs without problem, but when I try to use SDO101, SDO102,SDO103... I'm not getting the voltage that supposedly should be... (24 V).
    I used the volt meter to measure between the outputs before mentioned and pins corresponding to 24V when the outputs are disable ( led in teach pendant was red) and I got 24 V, I put the outputs in ON and I got 24 V, I mean it´s like it doesn´t matter the status of the outputs! :mad: I get always the same voltage.

    I was thinking the outputs are 24V instead 0 V, I measure between outputs and pin 0V and I got 0V whatever led is ON or OFF, I don´t know what is happening, please any suggestion? am I forgetting something in configuration? ??? Thanks.

    Thanks! I didn´t know about this parameter! :top: , Now I can choose between Full and Simple configuration, I would like to use some I/O of this port then I would need to use "Simple", do you know if it is possible start a program using only "START" in the Simple configuration? I really Appreciate your help.

    Hello everyone,

    I want to use PNS option to start a program from outside, I set the system for this, I read that the PROD_START is the signal used to start the program selected, but this option is not available on my screen! Those are the options that I can see for the UOP:

    U01 OFF Cmd Enabled
    U06 ON Fault
    U09 OFF Batt alarm
    U010 OFF Busy

    UI 1 ON *IMSTP
    UI 2 OFF *Hold
    UI 3 On *SFSPD
    UI 4 OFF Cycle Stop
    UI 5 OFF Fault Reset
    UI 6 OFF Start
    UI 7 *
    UI 8 OFF Enable
    UI 9 OFF PNS1
    UI10 OFF PNS2
    UI11 OFF PNS3
    UI12 OFF PNS4
    UI13 *
    UI14 *
    UI15 *
    UI16 *
    UI17 OFF PNS strobe
    UI18 *

    I found that START (UI6) is used to continue a program which was stooped previously, where is PROD_START? How can I start a program from line 1?, Is there any way to use PNS5 .... PNS8?, I'm using a RJ3iB- Mate controller.


    Hello everyone

    Well I'm new working with FANUC Robots, I'm using a LR MATE 200ib/5P FANUC robot with a RJ3iB MATE controller. I was trying to use the CRM79 I/O port and I made a mistake wiring it. I connected SDICOM1(pin 19) and SDICOM2 (pin 20) to 0v and SDI 101 to pin 31 to activate this signal. Suddenly the controller was reset and the Fuse alarma was activated (srvo219 Fuse blown),what was the mistake? where can I find the fuse? does someone know the part number or something like that?

    I appreciate your help.

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