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    I'm trying to calculate per ISO 13855’s general formula for the minimum safe distance is:

    S = (K x T) + C

    What is the total stop time for a R-2000iC/125L given that it is travelling at 100% speed and suddenly e-stopped?

    Sorry, I don't have the manual for the robot and the specification data does not have that information. I'm conducting a risk assessment on a workcell that uses two of these robots and I wanted to confirm that we provide at least the minimum safe distance from the light curtain to the operating range of the robot.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    What is the recommended method for safely servicing your EOAT?

    I have a robot with tooling to pickup large 4' x 8' boards and would like to know how to safely service and maintain the EOAT.

    I know this would be application specific, but I think that working under the EOAT and relying on the robot brakes is not the safest way.

    We are going to perform a task-based risk assessment and I would like to know how other robot users handle this maintenance task.

    Some of the options that we considered:
    Provide a platform where you can rest the EOAT and be able to work safely underneath the tooling

    On 6-axis robots, provide a maintenance position to present the bottom of the EOAT to the service personnel
    On 4-axis robots, provide some type of jack stand to support end of arm tool while servicing

    Thanks for your assistance.


    I wanted to know if there is a variable that holds tool information for Fanuc robots. ABB has a variable of type tooldata that stores, weight, center of gravity, tool center point.
    Is there an equivalent data type in a Fanuc robot.

    Thanks for your assistance.