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    Do you have a stand alone feeder like a VR1550 or is your wire feeder mounted on the robot arm?

    We had this problem with a feeder on the robot arm. The washer that attached the ground to the feeder had come loose and pitted. Looking at it you couldn't tell anything was wrong. We found it when we took it all apart. Replaced the washers and no problems since.

    INS Robotics in Dayton Ohio is the only place in the US that I know of that does any repairs or that can help you. Great guys. Give them a call and see if they can help you (888) 293-5325

    While trouble shooting more. I found that the error on the teach pendant in the alarm section is much different. It says "Voltage Drop(Converter) Station 3. I checked all the light curtains and safety PLS and found no issues. My guess is I will have to change out the servo pack. I still dont think that is the problem yet because our night shift isnt having any issues. Only on days.

    The machine is in mid spin when the fault occurs so the servo is on. I changed out the EAXB board and I am still having issues. Guess I will change out the entire servo pack. Thanks for all your help! I REALLY appreciate it!!

    Thanks, It is the Error 0110 turn on servo power. The turn table is an external servo that is controlled by the servo pack. Yaskawa suggest replacing the entire servo pack and I am trying to avoid that due to the cost and not having a spare one in house. I will look at the EAXB board. I think I have a spare one of those. Thank you so much!!!

    I have been dealing with the Error 0110 error for about 4 days. I was told to change out the EAXA board. Did that yesterday and the error is back. It only does this when the turn tabel is rotating. I slowed the speed to 80% and still doesnt help. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    You may try to remove the L axis and make sure it is not bound up. The alarm should clear if it is free. We have had similar issues when one of our axis is locked up. The alarm clears when it is freed up. You will then have to reset your absolute data to the coordinates listed in the cabinet door.

    Hope this helps you out a little. Good Luck


    Yesterday I got 2 faults at the same time on the teach pendant. Alarm 4386 Check error CPU 1 and Alarm 4393 Check error CPU 2. I had read what was already posted about 4386 and investigated to no avail. I can not find any information on these on the net. All wiring is good and the fault reset. I had it again today. Any info would greatly be appreciated.