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    Happy new year to all KUKA Experts! Thanks in advance

    Our new OEM system came with KRC5 cabinets.

    When we receive a new system, our technicians first backup (Archive) and image backup using KUKA stick.

    At older units, KRC4, it was quite simple. We configures the stick as silent mode and configure to "Create image of disk".

    Then, with system completely off, we insert KUKA Stick to one of USB Drive. Then when the system restarted, the hard drive images will be copied to USB stick automatically.

    Then when completes, the pendant shuts off, turn cabinet off, remove the USB Stick, reboot normal.

    But this procedure only works on KRC4 it seems.

    We did same procedures to KRC5 cabinet, it doesn't go to image copy silent modes, but it boots normally, bypassing image copy mode.

    Does anyone know how to do hard drive image backup using KUKA Stick on KRC5?

    What do I need to do differently than KRC4?

    Thanks for your reply.

    Option #1 is not possible since, with recovery USB at controller to bootup, can't find recovery menu.

    So I guess, we only have option #2.

    But as you can see image #3, there is only application "SHELEXEC.exe" on main directory.

    When I double click that, it only opens another windows explorer.

    Can the software to be download from Kuka sites?

    Image #4 shows resource directory

    Thank you, HES.

    "kss update"?

    Yes, in short run, this is major dilimma I face now.

    Version 8.3.9 can't view/edit programming.

    I tried WV 3.0 and 4.0 but still no. Same message, I need 8.3.14 or at least 8.5.

    Where do I get this updates? Do I need to request thru KUKA or is there a way to download

    off from a site?

    This thread is somewhat repeat of last thread but my scope has been changed since.

    Instead of resetting, I just want upgrade the system.

    The current system is KR10 R1100 with KRC4 compact.

    The software version of KRC4 is V.8.3.9 with unknown Work Visual version.

    The windows program OS is Windows Embedded (Windows 98?)

    1. I'd like to Upgrade to Windows 7 or 10.

    2. I'd like to upgrade to KRC4 Version 8.6+ (current version)

    3. I'd like to use Workvisual version 6 or newer.

    I see that there is upgrading and updating service offer by KUKA, but price is "NOT" affordable.

    I'm willing to invest my long hours to update/upgrade myself if possible.

    I've attached some photos for version verification purpose.

    Does anyone knows how to make auto logout goes away?

    At previous versions, \KRC\SmartHMI\Config\ directory has Authentication.xml file to modify.

    But on current version, there is no such file. Instead, there is Authentication.config file and there is no program to open it at pendant.

    Thanks in advance!

    How quickly are the cameras being triggered?

    Try adding a short delay between the trigger calls to allow the VisionTech service to close any out standing requests.

    If you do end up replacing the camera, there is a KUKA download for exchanging a camera, you have to enter the old camera sensorID and the new sensorID and it changes the VPP's to suit.

    KUKA download for exchanging a camera?

    One of our system have two camera side by side detecting left side camera to left side of conveyor and right side camera to right side of conveyor.

    We faced the communication failure to left side of vision. See attached the fault_01 and fault_02 images.

    The KUKA technician's recommendation is to replace the cable first then the camera since the camera price is a bit higher.

    We had new cables connecting between the camera and PoE switch, we replaced but no luck. Same errors occurs.

    So I found same camera at some source for less price but new and now I'm ready to replace.

    Since it is my first time doing this, I'm somewhat scared(?) to install by myself.

    Step should be following; (Please add comments or suggestion if I'm wrong)

    1. Power off the system
    2. Remove the cable going to PoE switch
    3. Replace the camera and its lens and its cover
    4. Re-install the cable going to PoE switch
    5. Turn the power on
    6. Go to Vision tech and refresh the camera to look for new one just installed
    7. setup the camera setting same as before and same IP addresses.

    Question that maybe, all VPP programming files were stored at controller, I shouldn't worry about it, correct?

    Any comments or suggestions will be DEEPLY appreciated.

    Regards all,

    I'm converting KUKA robot from KR5 with KRC2 to Agilus KR6 with KRC4.
    Old PLC was Micrologix processor and the new one is compactlogix.

    In robot config.dat, following is written;
    SIGNAL read_index $in[97] TO $in[112]
    SIGNAL echo_index $out[97] TO $out[112]
    SIGNAL echo_count $out[113] TO $out[128]
    SIGNAL echo_reject_count $out[161] TO $out[176]
    SIGNAL echo_cons_failure_count $out[177] TO $out[192]
    SIGNAL echo_totalbagcount $out[193] TO $out[208]

    As you see, I need to write PGNO numbers using robot input #97 to input #112 (16 bit)
    At controllogix programming, what instruction I need to use to place up to 3 digits programming file number?
    (we have 400 different recipes - programming)
    At old PLC, it uses N7:54 as program number store location.

    At config.dat, it has more than 400 case numbers which represents the program numbers.

    Thanks in advance.

    We recently completed routine maintenance for KR16 robot we have.
    But the message is still there and stated "Next maintenance date: January 15, 2015 (Annual Maintenance)"
    I've called KUKA hotline but they don't know.
    If there anyone have a way to turn the service reminder off, sincerely appreciated.

    The way I did on my program, I wrote following statement on running program;

    These items can be stated at config.dat as follows;

    These speed is controlled by PLC
    Hope this helps...
    First time, actually trying to help someone instead of getting help... :dance2:

    My recommendation, save authentication file to USB drive as backup.
    I've went thru the instruction and changed the 300 to 300000 on three locations.
    But, when I cold booted, there were some errors to load auto external files.
    I put the old authentication file back and rebooted, then it was loading without problem, but, expert mode is very short lived.

    I want to know how to stay "expert mode" even though change from T1 to External.

    I want to change MADA so when I switch T1 to EXT., I won't loose "Expert Mode".
    On old KUKA KRC2s, I know exactly where to modify to do that, but on new KRC4, I can't find same line anywhere.
    If you know how to change it, let me know. Thanks in advance...

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