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    Ok, so I have a Bg logic program turning on a parameter. The idea is to keep it on all the time (wet mode) for sealer. The problem is that I just want to use the parameter in the top of the program = 1 ( which it works ) so that I don't have the wet mode enabled all the time. The problem that I can't figure out is: when I turn the teach pendant on and turn the system to dry mode and the program starts, the seal (parameter) goes high (on) then directly back off. When I start the Bg program it will stay on. So what is turning it back off once the parameter has been ran when the Bg program is not running?. Software 8.1 30IB. Just in case anyone is wondering I'm writing the sealer parameters to be on (wet mode) once the program starts for quality countermeasures. Any help would be appreciated. Note: I don't have a problem with it while background logic is running. I just want to figure out why the parameter directly written on a line isn't staying on!

    The SYSMAST.SV file is what you are looking for. Have you Jogged the robot or is it still in place? If you are getting robot not calibrated you should be able to go to the DMR GRP and master done=true. Then calibrate after loading the file. Im thinking the file has to be loaded in a controlled start.

    It means when your robot calculated it's tip wear, "when tip dressing" running wr_update- the robot calculated wear values exceeding the threshold set up in the servo gun settings. Check mastering. Replace with new tips and run the program TZRSET. That will zero out your tip wear and re write the pulse count for the servo gun at "0". I normally set the servo gun settings at 7 and 4.

    If you have a twin robot, grab an image from it and reload. Then touch up points as needed. You can grab software from one and load to another. Pull an image then a full controller backup. This is if you have another robot that has same/similar characterists.

    Yes I am. Every 30ib we have shows it, and this particular robot shows it also until you release the deadman, and the positions are not moving. The **@ symbol just disappears

    Ok so here is my question, robot 30IB VERSION 8.1
    My robots are all showing the "@" symbol except for one including pr1. UI7 is on but the @ symbol isn't? Does anyone know of a setting or why it's doing this? The axis is where it's suppose to be and not slipping, just as soon as I let off the deadman the symbol goes away. Thanks in advance!

    thanks, that will be what i have to do for now. Im going to attempt to find the port for SI6 and somehow duplicate it with a do. To see if i can assign the do the port for the SI, just to use it as a switch!

    That's the only problem I have, the cycle start but is not on our new 30iA or 30iBs. They weren't put on for I'm assuming (cost savings) for a new model launch. So I'm thinking about mapping it to a di through inter connect or just using it as a di and creating a virtual push button for it. Local mode is useful for isolating an axis and monitoring it after motor change or an RV replacement so that's why I'm so focused on this button. Putting the jump labels in and starting it local sure comes in handy for a continuous program run on the weekends. I would greatly appreciate any advice or ideas! Could I assign a di for the si port? Would that be possible?

    How do you local start a 30i controller in local mode seeing the push button isn't there like the IB. I'm aware of the Bg logic but had no luck. Any help or examples would help. Thanks in advance.

    I have a 30i controller with a servo gun attached. The robot stops 4 to 5 times a day with a spot 064 warning. Different weld locations and different pressures. The robot will reset and will go directly back into cycle. Is there a time parameter or servo gun close/open timing issue? Has anyone experienced anything like this with a 30i? We have hundreds of rj3ib's we run in our shop and the only problem I have seen this is the 30i. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The gun has been auto tuned and pressure calibrated. I can't figure out why the robot is generating this warning. Thanks in advance!

    I have had an issue in the past with obara and degensha guns pressuring up on certain pressures and getting the error due to parameters not being met. A cable would be initial to look at especially if you get (stop excess errors). If it is one particular pressure, I would auto tune and re-establish new parameters for your gun if all hardware is functioning. Weld slag, grease and other debris have potential of getting inside the cover and causing the gun not to achieve it's distance with applied torque. I have seen this in the past due to a belt. I would def pop the cover off and inspect just to rule out.

    I would check the belt on the servo gun. Has the gun been autotuned lately? Ball screw lubricated? There is an offset parameter you can max inside $PARAM_GRP that would help you temporally if you needed a quick fix to run. If my hardware was ok, (belt) ball screw, ect.. I would attempt to autotune and monitor it from there.

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