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    User alarms are held in the file. But so is mastering and servo parameters and all sorts of stuff that you don't want to put in a different robot.

    NUMREG.VA holds the comments for the Numeric registers
    POSREG.VA holds the comments for the position registers

    Look into the Karel Reference Manual under Memory Device and there is a list of all the files in the MD and what they are.

    We do this all the time. Create a BG program and run it in BG logic. Have this logic in the program:

    1: !//////////////////////////////// ;
    2: !This Program Sets the System ;
    3: !Config Remote/Local Setup ;
    4: !\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ;
    5: ;
    6: !If UOP Start is Pressed Set ;
    7: !Config to Remote ;
    8: IF (UI[6:Start]),$REMOTE_CFG.$REMOTE_TYPE=(1) ;
    9: ;
    10: !If SOP Start is Pressed Set ;
    11: !Config to Local ;
    12: IF (SI[6:Cycle start]),$REMOTE_CFG.$REMOTE_TYPE=(2) ;

    This changes the remote/local in the config screen based on the input from either the UOPS or SOPS.

    I would set up a user frame that is in the correct orientation that you want your 'New World' frame to be in. You cannot change world frame (user frame 0). After creating a 'New World' user frame I would mask out the option to jog the robot in world with the system variable $SCR_GRP[1].$COORD_MASK=27 so the option for world isn't there anymore. Then you can't confuse yourself with it. Remember, don't confuse jogging coordinates and active user frames. Jogging has nothing to do with the positional data of points.

    I've heard that if you using it solely for training (and you're a school, high school or college, or some sort of reputable training service) you can get licenses for free or close to it.