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    just for reference I did get it to work but I changed a whole lot of settings and am not sure which ones did the trick for sure. I am thinking I unchecked the box in Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Use SSL.2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 to get it to work and see the drawing tools.

    Whenever I connect my laptop (Win10) to IRVision and open vision setup with IE the drawing tools toolbar in the GPM Training Mask are not visible. I have tried changing resolution and text size, that's not it. It looks like the frame size for the image window is too big, cant drag down.

    Check for jumpers missing on panel board. Not familiar with 3 ib but on a 30ia an external power supply goes on tbop6 1-2 and 3-4 and if that is missing you can get a fuse blown indication. No 24V ext (24V E OK)

    If you disconnect everything but CRM 96 (incoming 24V, connection towards the bottom left) and it still blows FS-1 then it would have to be a bad servo amp, hope you have lots of fuses. I would still double check all external cables. Motors should ring out .7 to 2.7 ohm each phase (balanced), open to ground, brakes around 300 ohms +/- 10% A to B, open to ground or C.

    Fence open is the eas (external auto stop) connection on TBOP 4 of the panel board, pins 5-8 (dual chain), enable UOP's under system>config (line 3 or 4 I think) and enable local/remote line 43 or 44 (scroll up). Local will be the green start button on the operator panel to start in auto, while remote will be using uop input 6 to start the robot.